Samsung S9 starlte upgrade from S Official to T Community

I was wondering if there was going to be a version T Official build for the S9?

If there isn’t, (and I’m assuming that’s the case as Official builds are “only available on the Murena smartphones” and the S9 does not appear in the Murena shop), then has anybody got a recommendation for updating from S Official to T Community whilst preserving all my apps and settings? I believe I will have to wipe/format to go from Official to Community.
Thanks in advance

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S9 will eventually get T (offical/stable). The question is more when.

Is you bootloader locked?

I couldn’t find a S9 roadmap which is why I’ll probably try and switch to community.

Probably not. Why?

One thing you might investigate is Settings > System > Backup. I do not think we have had very many reports of how well in works, but it seems quite well developed on Android 12 (S). I have such a backup, but I have not had to depend on it.

The official advice has been that one should treat such an upgrade and change of build type as a fresh install, with Format data. With a built in backup, this would be no great hardship.

That menu item is missing for me. There’s a password setting for it in developer options but not the menu item itself.

And yet Seedvault appears to be installed.

Pure speculation; maybe the Seedvault “frontend” is not included in stable builds ??

No idea. I’ll just try some other backup app and hope it works, Neo for example ?

I heard from T it started to be actually usable…

This Gitlab issue seems to indicate that the option should be available on Android 12 (S)
Backup option disappeared on last update 1.17 #7556 , currently the gs290 is the only device named in the issue. May be @nickd you would consider adding your device.

Neo I have seen recommended by experienced users. I have had good experience with latest as part of a backup strategy.

I would add a comment to the Gitlab thread but cannot register to do so. I have accounts here and with Gitlab itself but registering with GitLab Enterprise Edition for returns the message:
Giving up now :slight_smile:

I’ll root my 'phone instead.

Seems an anti spamming measure that catches many!

Getting an error message in new ID creation on /e/OS Gitlab?

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  • The error message may ask you to contact Murena at
  • In case you run into such an error, please send a mail with the following details
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  • Create a Helpdesk ticket for GitLab account creation
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I’m spending way too much time on this already. Hopefully someone at e/murena keeps an eye on these boards and takes action but having already tried to register from three different email addresses, I’m done. In the meantime I rooted, (Magisk), and backed up, (Neo), and will move to T this weekend.

Thanks for listening !

Sorry but they won’t to be honest, it is just as aibd wrote, you need to use the helpdesk…

Take a rest and when you are ready again give it another try :+1: