SAMSUNG SIII model number SGH-I747M canada

Currently running android 4.4.2 I believe this is a samsung s3 but its been 5 yrs since i used it. recently dropped and broke samsung s6 edge and laid off so cant afford nor do i want to pay hundreds for a new n better spy device. just want a simple phone that does reliable talk text, camera, maps ans maybe kik n whatapp as a minimum. dont NEED much else. so is the samsung 3 lte and intl models listed compatible with this cdn model? its already unlocked from original provider

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i can advise to buy a second hand Galaxy s5 for 30/50€ this model will be much well /e/compatible
Or any international model

kind of defeating the purpose of saving money. i already have this S3 and if i brick it installing a security focused rom then its not much of a loss. but if need be i mite have a used $50 S5 lined up in another city

Your device is not supported by /e/OS,
It was supported by LineageOS but actually not maintened,
The Canadian AT&T Samsung Galaxy s5 (SGH-I747M) code name : d2att

you can flash the custom recovery,
TWRP for the d2att (custom recovery for your device) (android 7 nougat image for the ROM of your device without Samsung stuff)

([HOWTO] Install /e/ on a Samsung smartphone with Windows easily) (or another custom image ROM)

If you find resources and knowledge, it could may be possible to build an unofficial /e/OS image for the ROM of your device.

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I think the bootloader is already unlocked. It was the case for some users with SIII (and even S4 but not sure).

sorry im a newbie with this phone stuff. desktops are my thing.
i called the service provider and had phone unlocked, does that mean we unlocked bootloader or just which carriers can use the phone?
i have tapped the model number in settings about device and enabled developer options if thats what you mean.

Im concerned about my S3 having the model number SGH-I747M while both Samsung S3 models listed here have an i905 or 903 model number. will this brick my phone?

Yes unlocked phone is about changing carriers,
Unlocked bootloader is about changing OS.
As @ Anonyme has point out this feature to lock the bootloader has been added by Samsung later than the s3 release so no need to unlock it.

You mean i9300 and i9305 (international)

With the right TWRP : no
TWRP for the d2att is for your device
( SGH-i747M = d2att )
But you cannot install /e/OS on your phone yet, unless you build it. Cause it already not exist for your model.
You can only install LineageOS

i have usb degugging option but i dont see oem under developer options?

So OEM is already not locked on this phone as @ Anonyme said above.

After flashing TWRP, don’t forget to backup all the stock-rom partitions with TWRP before installing an other Operating System.

Please give us some feedback.

yes i meant i9300 and i9305
ok cool mine in d2att