Samsung SM-A600FN and SM-J710F

Hello /e/ Community,

Does anybody know when the Samsung devices SM-A600FN and SM-J710F will be supported?
I am very exited to install the beta build, but the devices I´ve got are not yet supported. Maybe that someone knows something like a /e/ device support roadmap?


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Hi @Dave_Hulst we do not have an ETA against devices as to by when the official build will be released. User who want to suggest devices put in their requests here [POLL] Which device(s) you would like /e/ to support next? based on the number of user requests device support is prioritized.
In case you have built ROM’s previously and if your device is already supported by Lineage officially then you can try building the ROM by following the instructions given here

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Thank you, I’ll take a look there.

Me too request for Samsung A6 (SM-A600FN/DS)…
Many thanks

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No official LineageOS support for those devices.

There is an unofficial community LineageOs build for SM-J710F.
Not sure if it is useble to build this one since i’m not sure that this image is safe and virus free, but even then, the image does work.

We have been waiting for Samsung A6 SM-A600FN / DS support for more than 1 year!

I am waiting too! Any news?

Why not? Samsung A6 is a good phone!

Any News about Samsung A6?