Samsung SM-G386F (Core 4G) - how to use it without Google services


I was wondering how I could use the smartphone mentioned on the title without Google Services … as far as I know there is no custom rom with microG available … any ideas?
I would like to recycle the smartphone to do the following:

  • stream videos (NewPipe Legacy) and songs
  • browse the web (Firefox?)
  • cast the content to a bigger screen

Thank you

You can flash any custom
rom for your device without flashing Gapps…

No problem on e

every browser is working on e

screencast is working with most Devices and e

There is at least one UNOFFICIAL build each of LineageOS 14.1 (Android Nougat 7.1) and
Lineage OS 15.1 (Android 8.1 Oreo) for the Galaxy CORE Prime SM-G361F and therefore chances on /e/OS + mircoG phone.

To say it with the words on @Manoj /e/ support

you can create a request for your device here in forum. And by the way e is always incl. microG.

I had not thoutght about it (since I thought it is quite an old device, and not the most popular at all - I guess this is the reason why I cannot find custom roms), but it is a good idea. Thanks

otherwise, if here are official LOS roms, you can build it or your own. It’s relative easy if you have enough ram and free space on your PC / Laptop

unfortunately the smartphone is not officially supported (some ROMs exist for other models of the same family, but not official ROMs), so I will not try to build one myself (to be honest, with the supported Sony XA2 it had been a pain for me … I am no developer expert of the topic at all, as you could judge from my questions…)

No problem, I’m here to answer questions and finding solutions :wink:

If you want build, have a look here [HOWTO] Build /e/ without docker for non LineageOS supported devices