Samsung T7 Touch with fingerprint security


I’m unable to access to the content of my Samsung T7 Touch when fingerprint secure mode is activated.

Steps :

  • I plug the T7 Touch in the USB-C port of my OnePlus 6T
  • /e/OS mount the default T7 Touch partition
  • I press the fingerprint on the T7 Touch
  • /e/OS unmounts default partition, displays a notification “Problem with: Samsung USB key” and proposes to format my SSD

Expected : when I press the fingerprint, /e/OS should unmount the default partition and mount the crypted one.

I tried to plug a regular USB key and it works.
I tried to plug the T7 Touch on another OnePlus phone with default OS (OxygenOS) and it works as expected.

Any idea about the support of this feature or how to fix it please?

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