Samsung Tab S3 w/o Cellphone Hardware, looking for build

I have a Samsung Tab S3 Mod# SM-T820. This device lacks cell phone hardware, but has everything else. This model does not appear on the supported device listing. Is there anyone working on doing a build of /e/ for this device? I really want to get my device de-googled.

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

Unlike S2 T-813 9.7 (Tab S2 8.0 SM-T-713), Galaxy Tab S3 9.7 SM-T820/825 was unfortunately never officially supported by the Lineage team, even though it is a professional tablet. So it remained dependent on the unofficial support of individuals until today. So I tested five ROMs on the S3 (gts3lwifi), including:

Project Treble GSI
The Galaxy Tab S3 9.7, which originally shipped with Android 7.0 (Nougat) and was upgraded toAndroid 9.0 (Pie), was not Treble-compliant by the manufacturer. Through Treble-izing, I was able to successfully install a @Phie /e/OS 9-Pie GSI

HavocOS (based on Android 11)
The inherently signature spoofing capable Havoc-OS v4.16 20220508-gts3lwifi runs quite well, but the integration of the MicroG services didn’t want to succeed to my full satisfaction.

LineageOS 19.1 (based on Android 12)
LineageOS 18.1 (based on Android 11)
lineage-19.1 build 20220815 occupies 2.4 GB of the 4 GB RAM, runs noticeably sluggish and uses fifty percent more RAM than lineage-18.1 build 20220508 (1.6 GB of 4 GB). I could not successfully patch either LOS ROM to make it signature spoofing capable in order to install the MicroG.

Lineage 17.1 | Android 10 Q |
LOS 17.1 build 20200211 also occupies 1.6GB of 4 GB RAM, runs smoothly, could be patched (signature spoofing enabled) and equipped with an actually MicroG vers. without problems. MicroG can be uninstalled as a Magik module by the user easily and without leaving any residue. The LineageOS de-Googling was quickly done.


Sources: LineageOS · GitHub
Kernel: GitHub - Valera1978/android_kernel_samsung_msm8996
Device: GitHub - Valera1978/android_device_samsung_gts3llte and GitHub - Valera1978/android_device_samsung_gts3lwifi
Vendor: GitHub - Valera1978/android_vendor_samsung_gts3llte and GitHub - Valera1978/android_vendor_samsung_gts3lwifi

Can we find an expert*in who can builds custom ROMs on /e/OS 10-Q or 11-R for the Galaxy Tab S3 9.7 SM-T820/825?

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I have recently made unofficial and custom 19.1 builds of LineageOS for microg for these devices, based on @Awesometic’s unofficial LineageOS 19.1 ROM

These builds are completely untested because I don’t own one of these devices, so use them at your own risk!

The builds are available in this AndroidFileHost directory

More information at Home - unofficial-l4m-builds -

The manifest I used to build these ROMs is here. It should work to build an /e/OS R ROM.

To build successfully, this patch to the kernel build scripts is needed. There are two ways to apply the patch:

  1. in kernel/samsung/msm8996/ run
git remote add awesometic
git fetch awesometic
git cherry-pick 780bb8553ce2ab051bc721186fcb4a29809a8d38
  1. download this patch file, and apply it in the kernel directory (kernel/samsung/msm8996/) using git apply

If anyone wants to use these builds as a basis for making a build f /e/OS for these devices, I will be happy to help and answer any questions (if I can).


Hi @petefoth,
thank you very much for your work. LineageOS-for-microg is a fine release but just not a /e/OS.

The LineageOS 18.1 ROM from @Awesometic had already installed once - without the patch, which isn’t mentioned there. You say:

Okay, but what’s this all about?

I don’t understand this two ways to integrate the patch that you pointed out:

From where do I execute the git apply command?

  1. Via ADB?
  2. Or do I’ve to use the Filemanager of TWRP Recovery?

What is the difference between UNOFFICIAL and CUSTOM-PLUS-E?

Please don’t assume your knowledge as a custom ROM builder, but please put yourself in the shoes of a normal user who may be installing Stock Android on a Samsung device, who can also install TWRP, but needs a “dummy” guide for non-daily installation processes. Thanky you.

Installing custom android is not building custom android.
The mentionned patch is refering to the build process, not to the enduser installation process

This is about changes that you need to make if you are building a ROM for these devices. If you are installing this ROM, or @Awesometic’s, or any future /e/OS build, then you don’t need to care about this patch - it is already included.

This is described in the wiki page I linked , which says

I am building two types of ROM

  • an unofficial ‘vanilla’ build, which is intended to be identical (or nearly so) to the official LineageOS for microG builds for similar devices
  • a custom build, aimed at users of the privacy-friendly /e/OS and their cloud ecosystem. /e/OS is based on LineageOS for microG, and is intended to be usable “out of the box” with the /e/ cloud services. It achieves this by including forks of various apps, which they have modified to have a consistent UI. They also include their own homescreen / launcher app, an alternative app store, and, in the most recent builds, an “Advanced Privacy” app. My custom build is aimed at users who
    • would prefer to use the original “upstream” apps rather than /e/'s forks;
    • are happy with the privacy-friendiness and level of “de-Gooling” in LineageOS for microG;
    • are happy to get apps they need from the mature F-Droid and Aurora Store, rather than a new, less mature app from /e/.

This build differs from the standard /e/OS and L4m builds as follows. (Unless otherwise stated, all the following come from F-Droid, and receive updates via F-Droid). The build includes

  • Aurora Store and Aurora Services for installing and updating apps from Google’s Play Store, in addition to L4m’s F-Droid, and in place of /e/'s Apps / App Lounge;
  • /e/'s Bliss launcher alongside LOS’s Trebuchet. Users choose which to use as default during first time setup. They can swap using Settings | Apps | Default apps;
  • QKSMS in place of /e/'s fork and LOS’s Messaging
  • K-9 Mail in place of /e/'s fork and LOS’s Email
  • OpenCamera in place of /e/'s fork and LOS’s Snap
  • Bromite in place of /e/'s fork and LOS’s Jelly. (This comes from Bromite’s F-Droid repo, which is added to F-Droid’s repos, allowing it to receive updates via F-Droid)
  • Fennec browser, to allow users a choice between Chromium-based and Firefox-based browsers;
  • NextCloud sync client in place of /e/'s eDrive
  • NextCloud Notes, OpenTasks in place of /e/'s forks
  • DAVx5 and ICSx5 in place of /e/'s Account Manager

My post is aimed at people who are ROM builders, and who might wish to use what I have done as a starting point for building an /e/OS ROM (as you requested in your original post :slight_smile: ). I was not intending to promote LineageOS-for-microg or my builds in these forums, because as you say, they are

just not a /e/OS.

If anyone does want to install them, they can do so just the same as installing /e/OS or any other custom ROM

Good morning @petefoth,
thank you very much for the detailed explanations. Now some things are clearer to me. I was hasty in my joy over your ROM announcement and didn’t read every line and follow every link, especially your link to your wiki. I apologize for that.

I will install both ROMs on both SM-T820 and SM-T825 devices and share my first impressions. It will take a few days. Until then - happy building, happy flashing.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 gts3lwifi [SM-T820]

First ( quick ) impressions of

build by @petefoth

Both ROMs can be installed and set up without any problems. Wi-Fi and GPS work, also the additionally installed Secure Camera as well as HedgeCam 2 Advanced Camera.

However, the QR-Scan option in Secure Camera (GrapheneOS) as well as SecScanQR from F-Droid does not work. The QR code isn’t decrypted.

The MicroG application which is particularly important to me does not allow me to apply my SmartHome applications such as open-close garage door, control windows, doors & shutters.

Also with @Awesometic’s lineage-18.1-20220508-UNOFFICIAL-gts3lwifi + open_gapps-arm64-11.0-pico-20220215 the above malfunctions occur.

From this I conclude that @Awesometic’s sources is the cause, because with @Valera1978s sources LineageOS 17.1 build 20200211 + MicroG vers. all these apps works fine.

  • Does this build ship with microG?
  • Does the ROM support signature spoofing fully (i.e. for all apps)? /e/OS and Lineage for microG (and my build) ship with only restricted signature spoofing , so that only system apps (i.e. apps built-in to the ROM) are allowed ro “spoof” (i.e. claim to be other apps).
  • Does it ship with Magisk, or did you install Magisk separately?
  • Do the apps you mention work without Magisk?

No, this build is only provided as usual with additional OGApps to be installed.

No, I created the signature spoofing capability with Nanodroid Patcher.

No, I’ve applied Magisk v25.2 by topjohnwu separately. MagisK was installed only to be able to apply Nanodroid patcher and microG Installer Revived as Magisk modules.

Yes! Apps I mentioned all work with CalyxOS, iodéOS, original LineageOs-for-MicroG, and any official /e/OS version.

In that case, I’m sorry but there’s not a lot I can do :frowning: I can’t debug the ROM since I don’t own a device. And I don’t use Magisk.

I have used NanoDroid patcher before, and - if I recall correctly - it allowed any apps to spoof. Did you try applying it to this build?

I quickly tested SecScanQR from F-Droid on my custom L4M 19.1 build running on Xperia XZ1 Compact, and it works fine.

It may be that the problem is with Android R / LOS 18.1. If I get time I’ll try on a device I do own, running an 18.1 build

The NanoDroid patcher can also be applied without MagisK to get the signature spoofing capability.

SecScanQR from F-Droid works on all my devices and all Custum ROMs, just not as mentioned above.

@petefoth , thanks for your questions, thanks for your time.