Samsung Tab S5e | Odin "<ID:0/009> Complete(Write) operation failed."

Hello /e/os community!
I am very happy with my /e/os on my Fairphone 3+ so I bought a Samsung Tab S5e because it is compatible.
I followed this installation guide but failed on the recovery download with Odin.

My only clue so far is the line “SECURE DOWNLOAD : ENABLE” in the download screen on the tablet. But my investigations are stuck at this point.
I hope that I just missed something and that there is nothing unfixable wrong with my tab… Thanks a lot for your help. <3

Here a screenshot of the software information screen. Maybe it helps.

If you need more Info just ask. I was not sure which infos to include… So I’m sorry if this is not enough to go on.

Try a TWRP recovery, usually try the latest, but if it fails, go down the list halfway, or even towards the bottom and pick a different one.

Also in ODIN, unset auto reboot in the options tab, you need to get it to boot into recovery, right after a succesfull recovery flash

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Ok nice! this just works!!!

Is there anything to look out for when using this alternate recovery? For example when updating /e/os?
I disabled updating the recovery automatically in the first start wizard in /e/os was that right?

Thanks a lot for the quick help.

If you are planning on staying on /e and just want to use the device happily, I’d advice to turn this one when ever you’re happy with how things work. There is a toggle in the 3dot menu under System settings → Updater → preferences.

TWRP recovery is the Swiss Army Knife for all custum ROMs and /e recovery is tailored towards /e so it has the greater compatibility with /e OTA updates, or maybe even some customisation /e depends on.

(Personally, I always put the working TWRP version and the installed /e image in a folder on my computer, with some notes. This is what you got to work today same day you maybe need to flash it again…)

Glad it worked out & have fun with it

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