Samsung XCover Pro

Please consider Samsung XCover Pro for supported device:

  • rugged phone, IP68, will last a long time so good for environment
  • user replaceable battery
  • good specs so will not be outdated soon (25Mpix camera for example)

Take a look at it at:


A camera with 25 MP, f/1.8, 26mm (wide) in a smartphone is impressive. Too bad that Camera2 API in OpenCamera App can’t use this, so this feature isn’t one.

Much more interesting is the 4,050 mAh exchangeable battery. An absolute rarity in this time and a very positive surprise.

It remains to be seen how far Samsung’s multi-tier Knox platform will make it possible to exchange the StockROM Android 10.0 with One UI 2 for a custom ROM. The advanced security features such as hardware-based protection, data isolation and data encryption as well as boot and runtime protection have raised the hurdles.

The Samsung Galaxy Xcover Pro, Model SM-G715F / DS and SM-G715FN / DS is an outdoor smartphone in a class of its own for the rough everyday working environment.


Maybe an opportunity here to see E on Samsung xcover 4s, because an unofficial version of lineage os has been released. :sunny: I hope ! :sunny: Please :smile:


well, is there a chance to be included in \ e .
Has anyone tested it


+1 for the xcover family



Please consider it. Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro is a great phone! Only if it didn’t have Android… :sleepy:


+1 best phone Galaxy XCover Pro​:+1::+1:


+1 for phones with removable batteries!! :slight_smile: please consider


+1 for this phone. I’d buy one in a heartbeat if it had any custom roms for it. I’m not a fan of samsung’s OS or any proprietary OS’s for that matter.


It will be a long waiting pat

this is the way, as they say

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Also requesting support for the Xcover pro. I’ve had this phone for months now and can say it’s a good piece of hardware and the removable battery is very useful. I can only imagine what it would be like to bypass Samsungs bs and free the thing from their bloatware and restrictions like with adoptable storage and it’s over active moisture detection. There seems to be no custom ROM support for the thing at all which is a crying shame. The hardware itself with it’s durability and extra programable buttons I would think would make it very attractive for this sort of thing but there is nothing?

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+1 here as well. I’m pretty much into buying one of those phones but having seen that there is no custom ROM that excludes all the bloatware stuff is a quite sad matter.

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Definitely a +1 for the XCover Pro. An exchangeable battery!

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support would be great for xcover! Exchangeable battery, good camera, hardware fast enough for nearly a decade. The competition is way more expensive with less camera quality and less hardware quality. The only reason why I did not buy xcover atm is the missing e os, lineage or graphene os support.

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+1 Xcover 6 pro deserves consideration


+1 for Xcover support. Looking at Xcover6, but earlier versions are a viable alternative given the options. Swappable batteries, IP68 water resistance, rugged gorilla screen and case, what isn’t there to like?

My Galaxy S5 finally passed away (to those who persevere : charging port failure, can be replaced quite easily and for cheap but even with /e/ it had lots of freezing and wild restarts…). XCover Pro seems to be an efficient, affordable and probably long-lasting phone. Would be great to have /e/ on it. Thanks a loooot if you devs go for it ! :pray:

Made an account just to post here. Would love for this to be my next phone, but I’m not a fan of Samsung’s OS. Having it run /e/ would be incredible!


No (re)source share, no fun !

Anyway GitHub is your friend:

Vendor bloobs still needed for a build…

My suggestion is to try involving GH devs/maintainers.

It would be great to get XCover an alternative os