Samsung XCover Pro

Please consider Samsung XCover Pro for supported device:

  • rugged phone, IP68, will last a long time so good for environment
  • user replaceable battery
  • good specs so will not be outdated soon (25Mpix camera for example)

Take a look at it at:


A camera with 25 MP, f/1.8, 26mm (wide) in a smartphone is impressive. Too bad that Camera2 API in OpenCamera App can’t use this, so this feature isn’t one.

Much more interesting is the 4,050 mAh exchangeable battery. An absolute rarity in this time and a very positive surprise.

It remains to be seen how far Samsung’s multi-tier Knox platform will make it possible to exchange the StockROM Android 10.0 with One UI 2 for a custom ROM. The advanced security features such as hardware-based protection, data isolation and data encryption as well as boot and runtime protection have raised the hurdles.

The Samsung Galaxy Xcover Pro, Model SM-G715F / DS and SM-G715FN / DS is an outdoor smartphone in a class of its own for the rough everyday working environment.

Maybe an opportunity here to see E on Samsung xcover 4s, because an unofficial version of lineage os has been released. :sunny: I hope ! :sunny: Please :smile:

well, is there a chance to be included in \ e .
Has anyone tested it

+1 for the xcover family