Saturated internal storage - com.facebook.katana

Dear Community,

My FP3 (Android 11, latest /e/OS 1.8.1) has been telling me recently that my internal storage (64GB) is nearly full and now it got completely saturated.

I connected my phone to my Windows laptop and indeed realized that it was completely full:

I have cleared my downloads, the largest app cache, pictures, etc. and it barely changed anything.

I then used TreeSize to determine which where the largest folders inside the FP3 internal storage and strangely this is what I got:

What is this com.facebook.katana folder that is located inside the AppLounge and how can I safely empty it? This is completely ridiculous, I have no idea what is even stored in those 30GB…

I have read that this issue has already been reported in Android, maybe @Manoj you might be interested in seeing if this is also messing around with /e/OS in some way:

Thanks for your support and long live /e/OS as well as Data Privacy,


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I vaguely remember having such an issue years ago.

What’s the path exactly on the phone? Seems like the items are located under the Download directory. If so you should have full freedom to remove the items.
I have never seen a Download/AppLounge/ directory on my devices so I’m confused as to the actual path.

If you have Facebook installed, uninstall it. Use Frost instead.

Frost for Facebook (A fast and extensive third party wrapper for Facebook.)


You should probably check if you can see what’s inside the folder for yourself. From what it looks like to me it may just be temporary/downloaded files that were made during the app installation/updates that probably aren’t needed anymore which if that’s the case it should be safe to delete. Again though definitely should check first if possible cause I’m only speaking from how the directory looks, not from personal experience. Also just a tip if you do search the folder.

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I was intrigued by your question and image. A web search of com.facebook.katana produced quite a lot of hits, I include one

Seems this folder is where Facebook keeps all its data. I guess it would depend how attached you were to Facebook, but the link suggests “just uninstall Facebook” or you might try to just delete cache from any Facebook apps you have installed to liberate some space.

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Thanks for your reply, indeed the folder was located inside Downlad/AppLounge, which is really weird.

I decided to delete the entire content of the folder, remove Facebook and Messenger and I have freed roughly 30GB of data storage.

No idea why this happened, but thanks for the suggestions

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