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In e/os world , how to save on usb drive or other way,
in one action, or two,
SMS, mms, texts, etc
for re-install before initialize to factory level ?

Teracube 2e eos 2 android12

And, the same need in pure android 9 (huawei p smart)

Part of need soluce with Double commander on linux.

Hi youzeur , i use the app SMS Import / Export from tmo1 from the applounge for this.
Works fine for me so far.

And the import export functionality of the apps i use.

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Ok, I see a 9/10 and it seems interesting … but why not integrated in e-os ?! perhaps a good reason ? thanks … testing now …
sms mms ok I see a download/messages/ … I can copy with DoubleCommander on PC
but for contacts and calls (json) …i see them only on phone not with dblcmdr! why ? hidden files on ! … its ok by an out-in link files (refresh ?).
Idem, test on Huawei … it seems good.

Now, after initialize Huawei P Smart (android 9) to factory level, copy the apk com.github.tmo1.sms_ie-v2.3.2.apk in phone to download , turn on right to install from files … install sms-ie … ok … put saved files sms, etc in phone and launch import after modify priority to manage sms first by sms-ie … ok / don’t forget to turn priority to sms app choice (but where?). Some values (names, others ?) truncated.

error : bad level (java?) for json … only with calls history , no problem for sms/mms and contacts

Sorry that calls history didn’t work for you.
Maybe thats phone model specific ?
I doublechecked and export, delete, import works well on my FP4.

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