Saving Mail attachments

In getting to know /e/ I have come across a problem saving attachments in the default Mail App.
The first time an attachment is saved a box pops up saying “No File browser found”, and then it offers a manual path with the Download folder predefined.
Future attempts to download attachments always use this path.

Is there a way to allow the folder to be selected on each download?
Ideally I would like to save attachments to eDrive. With the NextCloud app installed the standard File app can see the eDrive mount point, but the Mail app can only save to manually defined paths.

Thanks for any advice.

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I think I have answered my own question.
This is a known problem in K-9 Mail 5.6

The work around is to install IO File Manager from F-Droid. A long press on ‘Save’ in Mail will then call up IO File Manager to choose a save location. Unfortunately only local folders can be selected so saving to eDrive is not possible.

The K-9 Mail development branch should handle file picking OK according to the reply to the bug report.

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I have encountered a similar problem with the difference that mailing app (K-9 forge) says it wasn’t able to save on the SD-card. The file path for attachments is /storage/emulated/0/download/. However, I’m not able to change it. When I try to, the app shuts down. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find IO File Manager on F-Droid. Any suggestions?

This could be related to this here:

Forum: Cannot save mail attachments
Gitlab issue:

Which is a known bug. Maybe you can add logs to help fix it.

Thanks for the advice. I will only have to figure out how to gather the logs. Let’s see where this leads me. Any hint is appreciated…


e-0.19-q GSI, clean install.

Bug seems to be solved, thanks @dev