Saving settings in

Help, I want to complete and adjust my user profile, but I cannot find the save button and I keep losing my updates when I navigate to another page …

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There is no save button. When you leave the field after change, the new value saved.

But there was another post regarding this.When I find it, I will post.the link

Well … that’s what I thought also, but the changes are lost every time I navigate to another page …

The changed data in my section (i) “Personal info” will be “automatically” retained in my account and will not be lost. Curious …

Pls try with different browser.
I have just made a test and with PureBrowser I’m getting the same result as you. Than I have tried it with Chromium and … viola settings are saved.

Thanks Harvey. I am using Firefox. I thought this was amongst the most beloved web browsers amongst people concerned about privacy. I suspect that it might be for privacy protection reasons that it doesn’t support automatic saving …?

Sorry, I have no idea why it isn’t working. I have heart from another user that he has to use the ‘private’ session to change it.
Could you try it from phone default browser ?

Indeed the issue has been reported a few months ago, and I think the solution was to logout and login again.