Screen casting /e/ phone with TV

Oh my. I just realized that throughout this whole thread you never mentioned what your device is. Had we known what it was and knew it didn’t support DisplayPort, like the Fairphone 3 for instance, we wouldn’t have recommended getting an adapter or hub.

Regarding Kodi, it’s not all about movies and one can’t watch any without an addon for such anyway. I have a Linux Kodi box (OSMC Vero 4K+) hooked up to my dumb TV. With Kore (Kodi remote) on my /e/ phone I can ‘cast’ to the TV from LibreTube or NewPipe.
Haven’t really tried anything else like from a browser. Casting is something I’ve never really done or been interested in actually.

I understand any reluctance to go the Kodi route as it would require some kind of box. Technically it can be had for very little. Either a DIY single board computer or one already setup with LibreELEC or the like.
Sadly, finding a list of non-Android boxes is not as easy as I thought. Otherwise there’s a lot of Kodi box lists.

All of that is why I suggested KODI for Android.
Surprisingly short HOWTO!


I now have an Asus Zenfone 8 with eOS 1.14 and before I started the e/OS adventure a Huawei P30 Pro.

since that switch I couldn’t do anything with the Chromecast and I used my old Android device together with, for example, NLZiet, Netflix, Youtube etc. But also to watch videos via the browser I once also had a media box and KODI for a while to watch movies.

I don’t know better that you can do this alone.

A Linux TVbox or maybe even a Rasperry PI might also be an option?

At the moment I have an old plasma television for a while, because I haven’t had a TV for a while. I just prefer not to have Google or anything with Google Services at all and I think there should be another way.

For casting i bought myself the rather cheap Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter (HDMI Dongle). Works like a charme - no additional APP necessary!

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Is it this one?

Miracast was reintroduced to Linneageos, I probably this could be activated.

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I want to share the screen of my mobile with eOS to my TV without any pc or laptop.
If i want to do that i can simply use a HDMI cable. And thats not what i want to do.

I have bought myself a dongle from USB to HDMI, but my phone doesn´t support USB to Video. Maybe there are eOS supported phones/tablets that has this option?

I have also tryed MiraCast, but without any succeed. (Wifi connection problem)

Maybe the only step is to buy a phone that supporting usb-hdmi or a new smart TV with Google and that is truly not what i prefer.

I don´t like Microsoft and Google and i want to be free from BIG-Tech.
But with the technology on these days, i can’t understand that i can’t use it without them.

I mean…try to buy a pc without windows, try to buy a phone without google/apple or a Smart TV without Android…

Why is this so difficult?

And Yes, i think about this and asking myself questions without accepting evrything as normal.

Because i believe it´s NOT.

So sharing my mobile or tablet screen is for me the last step to get away from these company´s
A LineageOS TV-box would also be an option?

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good luck !!
for me (Chromecast and Galaxy s9+ and ggogle configuration with another android device) this question seems “indémerdable” (in french) just a little hope with VLC, the VLC cast connexion is OK and little blue logo “cast” appear on the TV … but no video on TV !!

Working just fine with /e/OS 1.15 T on Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 and Fire TV 4K Max:

(black stripes don’t show with human eyes :wink: )

Also working with Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 running /e/OS 1.15 R:

Note: with both devices, I tried a video playback using Gallery app, it’s playing just fine! :smiley_cat:

Have now purchased this adapter.

How do you do it? I have two Fairphones 3 and two new Terracubs. Android TV from Kag-gis. Nothing is even recognized on any of the devices.

Tested cables with other devices. According to the manufacturer I do not need an app, what am I doing wrong?

… just realized that this part goes in the wrong direction, HDMI to usb c… :see_no_evil:

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I have now tested it again with 3 more adapters. Works fine with a 7 year old Huawei (Easy Projection App).

With e/OS is not even recognized that a USB device is connected.
How do you do that exactly? What must be present on both sides?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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The problem is that i don´t want use Chromcast because it is still Google and you nee also a Google account for this.

With FireTV you need also an Amazon account and that is still Big-Tech…

I also tried something with a “smart” TV (Philips 7000 series).

Giving it a static IP address, a dummy gateway should prevent it from accessing to Internet:

(on this network, gateway is, nothing on .111).
NB: I disabled WAN IPv6 connectivity on the router, as this TV doesn’t allow static IPv6.

Then, from a /e/OS device on the same network, I could cast:

Even better, on a /e/OS tablet I could also cast with SmartTubeNext app (wich now partially supports Android tablets :smiley_cat: ):

You may want to change the thread title to be more accurate on that :wink:

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My MS wireless display adapter tries to connect but then gives up. Is there a secret setting I need to switch on?

You know when you have something staring you in the face but never notice?
I mentioned before that I never really tried casting before. Maybe once or twice to a FireStick when I had it. TV is not SMART.

I have had a couple of inexpensive Sony Blu-ray/DVD players (BDP-S3700/BX370). They support Miracast yet I never thought to try it out. I play content from discs or flash drive; or using my OSMC media box.
Today I decided to gather up my devices and test the mirroring. Miracast on the Sony does not require network (uses RF) which is good as my last player is a multi region version and kept off the network (not sure if the hack is hardware or software so don’t want to accidentally update the firmware).

Anyway, all the devices successfully cast to the Sony, not without some strangeness though.
My two old Motos (potter and sanders running Pie and Oreo) would suffer from SystemUI crashes or soft reboots.
OnePlus 8T w/crDroid A11 would show only half of my launcher filling the whole screen. Nothing else would show but I can hear the audio of videos. Will have to check any old settings I may have set back when I was doing desktop stuff with the phone.

Two /e/ devices, however, cast without issue. Teracube 2e emerald w/1.14-r and Essential PH-1 mata w/1.8.1-q. Mirroring just worked.
So in this one/my case it shows that Miracast mirroring with /e/OS works. How well it works with a receiving end is something else.

Kind of kick myself for ignoring the Sony thing the past couple of years. The Teracube doesn’t have displayout on the USB and was bummed out I couldn’t display content on the TV via HDMI. Have been using Kore remote to the OSMC box if I wanted to cast something.

[ Someone in the house has a Roku open for mirroring. I could have fun with that if I were mean. :upside_down_face: ]

FYI, screen casting via Miracast works fine for the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus running /e/.
Unfortunately not with the Sony Xperia devices running /e/ I have around me (Z5 Compact, XA2, Z3 Tablet Compact). Also on these devices MHL connection does not work :frowning:

Edit: btw, Miracast i working on Xperia XZ1 running Iode and XZ1 Compact running los4microg! So it seems to be an /e/ issue…

Maybe an /e/OS-on-said-device issue? Since you say it worked on the Yoga and it worked on my devices. In other words, not universal.

Reminds me. On LeOS-R GSI there is no wireless display available so no casting. Gotta ask the dev about that I suppose.