Screen casting /e/ phone with TV

After a long time with no reaction, i wil place my question again.

Is there a way to use my Chromecast or cast my screen to my TV?
first i want to use my /e/ phone wit the NLZiet app to cast to my television.
Of course with apps like Youtube and other streaming apps of cast my browser tot my TV.

Proberly i cannot use my Chromecast without a Google account, but is there another device that can do this? Miracast doesnt seems to work.

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I’m looking for an answer to this too. Is there a way to CAST to a chromecast device on a screen using the cast symbol in the corner of apps like Youtube, Spotify?


It’s been over a year since I started this topic about sharing my phone screen to a TV.
I used a Chromecast before, but it doesn’t work under /e/OS.

i am a little bit confused that there has only 1 response to this and i cannot imagine that I am the only one who would like to see this.

Are there other options now?
I think most /e/OS users will understand that i don´t want to buy an Android TV with a Google Account.

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You can use USB or WiFi to miroiring your phone to your PC using “scrcpy”, and then display to the TV using the PC video output.

I’ve been able to cast to chromecast, but only from VLC. That works out of the box: just tap the cast symbol in the app and off you go.

Screencasting from the top menu doesn’t work for me. I haven’t tried any other apps.

I do not want to mirror to my pc or from my pc.
I just want to mirror my mobile phone or tablet tot my television.
The Chromecast do not work with /e/ and also the NLZIET or other streming apps didnt work with Chromecast.

Sure maybe i can use a USB tot HDMI cable with my phone, but then i can´t use my phone and i don´t like to hold my phone near my television with an USB cable.

With using the VLC app on your phone?
If i want to connect the screen of my computer to the television, their are more options, but that is not what i want.

With VLC you can chromecast music and videos from your /e/ device. VLC have a fully open source chromecast implementation.

Casting the screen is a proprietry part of Google Play Services and would have to be implemented
In microg

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My simple and working solution can be wireless between phone and PC,
then a VGA or HDMI cable is needed between PC and TV.
From my point of vue, Newpipe is better than Youtube because without advertissements…


Okay I’m going to try anyway.
Just bought a USB to HDMI cable to see if this will work. My feeling doesn’t say that this should be so difficult, but I’m still stuck with that chromecast in my head.

I don’t think it’s really a useful option with such a cable, but it would give me the option to watch on my TV without Google Chromecast and even without WiFi.

The disadvantage is that you cannot use your phone and cannot charge it during use, but usually I do not want to be disturbed.

I would have preferred to try a slightly different option, but we’ll see if this works.


It is precisely not to stream my laptop screen to my TV but rather my mobile.

I’m going to try it now via the USB C port to the HDMI port of my TV, although I don’t really think this is a useful solution. Of course I do because I don’t have to use Chromecast, but of course it drains the battery of my phone, which I can’t connect to the charger because of the USB cable to my TV. And I can’t use it either, although that’s not so bad because then I won’t be disturbed either.

I indeed also have Newpipe on my phone, which I can also use as a Youtube alternative, but only gave this as an example. I also like to watch videos from a website or other platforms. I find NLZiet useful because it is without advertising and I can decide for myself what I watch.

A USB-C hub with HDMI would then be a slightly better option.
Most can use external power so a charger can be plugged into the hub, providing juice to the phone.

Even my old micro-USB to HDMI adapter for my LG G3 allowed for external power.

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I have buyed today a USB to HDMI hub but without succes. I was a kittle bit afraid for it, but this wont work at all. No Chromecast, No Miracast, No Usb.

If Google can make a Chromecast for it, there must be other hardware to do this. Or do Google have a privilege on casting devices to other screens?

Maybe i am grazy, but i do not understand this.

Did this ever work for you on the phone you had before?
WiFi as such has latency and signal strength is not allways that stable – reasons whey I like a HDMI-cabel better. And I have an older android phone running KODI on it hooked to my TV and then use the KODIremote app on my main phone.

You can do a lot with KODI! Chromcast support is there too.

Maybe this fits the bill better than using a notebook

Yes it worked with an android phone with ggogle services on my Chromecast. But i do not use it to see movies, so i do not need KODI.

After googling i saw that the usb to hdmi do nit work if my phone do not support MHL.
So proberly i buy tht hub for nothing.
I dont have a television that suports WiFi, so i think that the only option is to use android again.
I kniw that i can connect an hdmi cable from my laptop to my tv, but thats not what i need.

Why is it so complicated ?

The TV is tuned for broadcast, but it can receive some narrowcast.

If you want narrowcast – out of proprietary – it might become complicated !

I believe the Yatse app ( might be able to do what you want, if you buy the pro version.

The terms narrowcast make it more complicated for me.

I want simply share may mobile screen on my tv that has no wifi and Google Chromecast do not work with MicroG.

Al that apps like KODI didnt make any sense and still don’t work if i cant get connect my phone screen to my tv.

But it looks that i have to buy a new tv with android or search for a second phone with google services beceause this simple issue that should be work giving me headache.

Stating this early on, would have helped me a lot to understand your setup and should maybe belong in the title.

to stop the headache, Android TV (not chromecast but full Android) hdmi dongles go for ~30-40 bucks. NLZiet has an Android TV App.