Screen keeps going black / apps crashing

So I installed e with the easy installer onto an s8 on windows 10. I keep getting a weird problem, it happens anytime but especially when an app to a website is open(offerup, eBay, even firefox app) and the screen would go black. And with video, (rumble, lbry, etc)

Something more to note is the apps never truly crash, I just get error reports constantly as my screen goes black every so often. Its extremely annoying.

A related error is with the phone sensor I believe, I was only able to reproduce it a few times, but when I would put my hand I’m front of the front facing camera, the screen would go black just the same, even though no setting was on for that. Or if it is, I can not find it. Someone please help! I’m at my wit’s end.

Seems indeed to be related to the proximity sensor. Check if one of the solutions in the following article helps:

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Thanks, I tried this but it didn’t help with apps and the system ui crashing. The screen still goes black or freezes, then goes black for a second before coming back on, and most apps can’t be open for too long.