Screen recording turns on Cast

Hi everybody,

using screen recording button in top toolbar, I saw that when you turn on the screen recording, cast is also enabled… the same when you turn of the screen recording.

Is it normal?

Thanks in advance

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I can reproduce this on 1.7-q-20230112251029-dev-a3xelte to the extent that Sound recorder works fine but trying to start Screen recorder I am shown the following image which cannot complete either option. Edit. Today screen record moves on correctly from this “warning” to record the screen without error.

In my case the Screen cast option from status bar, simply correctly fails to find suitable device.

(No Record screen shortcut on status bar, for clarity)

Hi @aibd,

weird, I don’t see this message when I launch screen recording on my R 1.7 version…
And if you can’t go further, could it be a bug for Q or your device?
I remenber that before on previous Q version on my device, the screen recording was in Recording app (If I well remeber). Is it the case for you?

On R, the screen recording can be found in top toolbar (depending how you set the icons here of course)

first screenshot: state of toolbar before I enable the screen recording
second screenshot: the options for screen recording
third screenshot: The screen recording is enabled but also cast…

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