Screen rotation issues on Samsung Galaxy S9


First of all, please forgive me if I am posting this in the wrong place. I am new to the forums and to /e/ and I am struggling.

I have purchased a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S9 direct from the /e/ foundation. From the moment I switched it on I’ve had issues with screen rotation.

If I go to Settings > Display > Advanced > Rotation Settings, and turn off Auto-Rotate Screen then the phone is usable. However if I leave the Auto-Rotate Screen option activated, then when an application is opened, it rotates 90 degrees anticlockwise and becomes unusable.

To be clear, every application opens and rotates, but is 90 degrees anticlockwise from what it should be, so that the top of any application is at the left hand side of the screen.

I have not managed to find this issue posted in the forums, so I’m wondering if I have missed something.

I also notice that the camera application is 90 degrees out regardless of whether I have the Auto-Rotate settings on or off.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I have the same problemen. Please, can anyone advice?

This issue looks similar to the one raised here Screen rotation not available on internet - S7 SM-G930F


Thanks for your comment. Please can you tell me if you think I should raise a new bug report on Github for this? I don’t want to be guilty of creating duplicated issues!


Hi @Steff if your issue is similar you can add your comments below the one already raised. Add your phone details like model and the build number.

I have the same problem with the same smartphone.

Hi, I have a Oneplus 7 pro GM21AA, auto rotation does not work.


I still have this bug after a year of using a my preinstalled /e/ smartphone (S9). The updates didn’t solve the problem.

Any news about this bug ?

Same here. Still camera is disfunctional!

Hi @Antus. Try the FreeDCam app via F-Droid.

Same here, I also purchased a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S9 from the /e/ foundation and the screen rotation is always 90 degrees off.

I tried the FreeDCam as suggested to see if i could take photoes correctly oriented, but it did not solve the problem

Is there an issue, which is being worked on. It’s been almost two years this issue has been identified.

For now I have to lock my phone in portrait mode and I have to take all photoes in portrait mode, as they otherwise get an incorrect orientation

As stated in my comment above I also have a refurbished Samsung S9 from the e store