Screen shows random noise ~ snow (after fall)

Hello, I am wondering if anyone has some advice or experience with the following situation.

I bought /e/ Fairphone 3 phone. I dropped it by accident on the floor from ~ knee-height (:man_facepalming:), it fell kind of flat on the back and switched off.

Upon turning it on again the screen shows this random noise / pixels / “snow” kind of thing. (see snapshot below).

I left it overnight and turned on again this morning - at first it seemed to be better, the initial screen showed the Fairphone logo and after that the /e/ loading screen (the e with the dot underneath), however it looked a bit out of proportion, kind of taking 80% of the screen space instead of the normal more “elongated” where it takes up more of the screen.
After the 2nd time switching it off-and-on again - the screen now is again back to the random snow noise.

I am not very knowledgable in these topics … but I guess the screen is ok and working properly since it does draw stuff - the pixels are random but all drawn and there is no area of the screen that is dark / not light up …
However maybe some kind of connections between the processor ↔ screen are broken and are not communicating properly what needs to be drawn ?
(wildly guessing here no clue … just trying to be helpful)

I am wondering if anyone had a simlar situation and could share some advice ? I would really appreciate it. Thank you in front :bowing_man:

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if you look at the final picture in Fairphone 3 Display Module Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide there’s the board to screen connector. This could be loose / not tight enough.

A user over at fp forum says after reassembly/refitting the screens “colorful noise” is gone

here’s a video guide - Replace the display of your Fairphone 3 | How to | Fairphone - YouTube


Make sure not to leave out iFixit’s Step 9 advice:

To reinstall the display-module press it into place on all sides until you can hear a snap from the plastic clamps to make sure it sits flush with the frame.

From my own experience, this is necessary – the screws are important, but somehow they won’t automatically make the plastic clamps snap into place.


@tcecyk - Thank you so much for taking the time to help me and for the detailed instructions :bowing_man:
I followed all the steps as described in the video + post → and indeed it is back on track now :star: :smile:

Here is what i had to do, it was actually very simple and even somebody like me who is not at all knowledgable in hardware / fixing devices could follow along and do it. Perhaps helpful for somebody else as well:

  • you will need the small screwdriver that came with the Fairphone (or an equivalent one) + perhaps some Q-tips and tweezers (or something equivalent that can “pick” on really small screws)

  • follow all the steps to disassemble the phone as described in the post: take off the cover, take out the 13 little screws

    • to this point, i had some trouble with few screws on the lower-left part of the phone, they did not want to come off on their own and there was something holding them back from freely coming out of their places - so i took some tweezers from my girlfriend and managed to kind of pick them out.
  • take out the display by pressing and pushing a bit - i was bit unsure at first because it did not want to come off but after applying more and more force it did split away from the main body - so don’t be afraid to use bit more force it’s quite strong

  • i cleaned, brushed everything with some Q-tips and especially the part that is on the part below, in the upper-middle area with golden pins and it’s counter-part on the part that is above in this photo

  • then slowly put back everything, firmly pressing and making sure all the parts click back together

After turning it on - the usual welcome screen greeted me and everything was back to normal :tada: So i can say i fixed my first phone today :wink:

Thank you again for your guidance - i really appreciate it. :bowing_man:
All the best,


@urs_lesse Thank you for taking time to share your tip and guidance :bowing_man:
Indeed it was not simply by pressing the display + main part together that everything clicked back into place but i had to use (increasingly slowly) more force to hear the snap.
After disassemble → clean → reassemble → the screen was back to normal and it’s all good now :smiley:

Thanks again, all the best.

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