Screen unlock disabled after screen lock

I have my phone set to lock the screen after two minutes as a security measure. Lately, I have noticed that when undesirable behavior when I press the home or power button to bring up the keypad prompt needed to unlock the screen. The top of the display presents the date and time, but no option to enter a pin and unlock the screen:

Sometimes, the system will restore the keypad prompt after an hour or so. However, I typically have to do a hard reboot of the phone in order to regain access.

What causes this behavior, and what is the fix to keep it from happening in the future?

When does about in the phone settings say your software was built? Mine says Oct 11 and locking/unlocking works fine but I had trouble with it not detecting my WiFi on whatever was the latest Nov build as of the 22nd.


I have (on the October 11th build) had the screen get all messed up (the screen shifts so that u only see half the screen) after opening it from being asleep and gotten messages that the Bliss launcher has crashed. But it keeps going and responds to holding in the power button for 2 seconds and then picking restart. Most of the time the screen unlock is disabled so getting it unlocked wasn’t a problem but if I had to type that may have been a problem like u encountered.

It only happened once or twice but maybe the Bliss launcher can be disabled with another launcher in the e app store??


Thanks for the timely reply.

The current build on the phone is dated 17 November. I have been having other issues with the Bliss launcher for a while. Consequently, I switched launchers a few months ago.

However, the option to disable the Bliss launcher itself is disabled (“grayed out” button.) How can I uninstall the Bliss launcher?