Screen won't unlock after pattern input

Hi there !

I’m using a 6-by-6 pattern lock on my Samsung Galaxy S9 (SM-G960F) running /e/ OS 0.20-20211216151800 (latest available at the moment) and Omega Launcher (

Randomly, after swiping my pattern on the lockscreen, it won’t unlock.
No error message is displayed, the pattern dots remain on the screen… as if I hadn’t done anything.

Sometimes the screen would unlock after some time.
Sometimes the screen would switch back off without unlocking.

I can’t make out any pattern/logic.

It seems that rebooting the phone prevents the problem from happening for a while, but it eventually comes back.

Anyone else had this issue ?

I can’t seem to find anything useful in logcat either, except loads of:

01-27 12:05:30.227  4821 17267 E RenderScript: Intrinsic Blur: error -40 creating input image X(465) Y(465) P(2048)
01-27 12:05:30.279  4821 15471 V RenderScript: User-backed allocation failed stride requirement, falling back to separate allocation

(No idea if linked or not)

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