SD card corrupted upon reboot

I have a 128gb sd card “SanDisk - Extreme PLUS 128GB microSDXC UHS-I Memory Card”
and I formatted it to be internal storage.

I’ve been trying to transfer my files (music + photos) to the phone using the android file transfer app. My problem is that when I reboot the phone, the SD card gets corrupted in some way.

Symptoms: When rebooting, it says the SD card is unrecognized (I think this is expected until I unlock it the first time).
Then, it says there are ~ some # of GB used on the SD card, but if I click on the files, it says there are no files. All of the folders (e.g. music) are locked as read-only so that if I try to take a new picture using the camera app, it says it can’t write to the folder.

I’ve reformatted the card, and again the symptoms appear after reboot. Any ideas?

Internal storage is for extending phone internal storage for installing applications

To use the SDcard as a standard storage volume ( or on many devices ), you have to choose external storage.

I have the same problem after reboots…

…and i need the SD card to be internal storage, so apps can access the files and folders.

I removed the SD card from the phone (GS290), reformatted it as FAT32, put it back into the phone and set it up as internal storage again. After a reboot of the phone, i got the same SD card missing message again, but after some seconds the phone mounted the SD card and it worked. I’m not sure what the problem is, maybe it takes to long to mount the SD card and scan the files or it mounts the SD card only after unlocking?

I install all apps on internal shared storage (app properties > Storage), this way at least the app will start if the SD card isn’t accessible.

If you mess with reformatting, please backup your files first!!!

Don’t worry :smiley:
Apps can access files and folders even if you format as external storage.
What would the extra storage be good for, if you had no access to it? :wink:

What “format as internal storage” really means is that Android will format the SD in such a way, that Applications can not figure out that a part of the storage available on the phone is located on an SD card. It just looks as if you have one (potentially really massive :wink:) internal storage. This helps if you have apps that can only be installed in internal memory, but your internal memory is small (or full) and you want to install more apps.
When you format as external drive, Apps can see that you have internal and external memory and decide where to save what data and therefore also refuse to be installed in external memory.

See this Thread:

No, not every app. Syncthing cannot access files and folders if it not internal storage. I also had problems with Camera apps.

PS: I also like that the files on the SD card are crypted.

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Thank you for the thread hint:

Which makes sense.