SD card issue, need a format, losing my data on it

What do you mean ? I might have misspoken, I wanted to say that each time I boot my phone and I check the apps open with the left home button, the apps I was using before shutting my phone down are still shown as open. I don’t know if this is normal or not.

Should I add that since I have formated my sd card (or done the update, idk, both events are very close, speaking about time), I don’t have the “checking sd card” notification ?

I guess I have been trolling your thread, because you were kind enough to credit me with the solution to both different events, but with the low impact actions you decided to take, I do not think that credit was due.

Your first event “Change out of adopted storage” happened to me maybe 3 years ago in the days of Oreo or Pie. I must have done quite a few tests and certainly tried a different card installed externally, before taking the action “Format the original card”. Since then I was pleased to see no odd behaviour.

I took the event really quite seriously, the issue was not widely discussed at the time.

My expectation is that an External card behaves with zero impact on the OS, although I realise it can handle fairly complex storage operations, but really " external storage" only.

I have reacted in a rather general way to many of the “odd” things you described; these are not at all what I see. I would classify it as abnormal. I would not want to see this behaviour in my phone. Over cautious ? Maybe. Expressed in different words, the behaviours which you highlight as worthy of remark here are nearly all what I call odd or abnormal.

My speculation would be that your SD card is in an unusual state between adopted and external. (Perhaps it even reverted to adopted, idk.)

A bit of a rant, sorry, but I am really saying that in your place I would try testing a clean SD card and / or other options in order to draw conclusions from what you are now seeing in this OS upgraded state.

In case it matters, are you running dev or stable ?

If stable did you take the “OTA upgrade” route for stable builds outlined:

To confirm that the device is at least configured correctly for External storage please can you open Files app and open its navigation pane (tap hamburger menu top left). Now do you see the device listed lower half of the menu, showing its Free space then immediately below do you see the SD card and alongside it a working eject button ?

Correct behaviour is that tapping the Eject button will unmount the SD card and the device will continue to work nicely, simply without any External storage.

As I understand it, the R build has been constructed to update and work correctly / only with “SD card as External storage”.

That’s not a problem, everyone makes mistakes. I think there is of course an issue, but I’m not sure about where it comes from. Could be either the phone or the SD. Could be spotify too. I guess I’m just going to download the music on the internal storage :sob:

I’m running stable, with an OTA update. Entirely made on phone.

I’ve already done that to verify, the SD card is shown in the hamburger menu as it should be, with an eject button next to it. I must say that when I received it, I firstly used it as an internal storage, but it was on q and I reformatted it later as it wasn’t the option I wanted…
So, when I installed the update, the SD card was already external.

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