Sd card not recognized

Hi there. I can’t use sd card for photo storage. card recognized by phone and gallery app but not by camera app. is there a solution or an update to come

Hi there, to isolate the error, I would check the same operation with the FOSS app Open Camera.

Thanks Suzie but what is the FOSS app?
I am not an expert in app and smartphone expert

OK I can find the SD card in open camera but it’s impossible to select a folder

Okay @jeanmi, next week I’ll able to say more details, because I’ll then take a GS290 into test mode.

OK thanks Suzie I’ll wait until next week cause i tried everything i could try without success
Have a good week

How is your SD card formatted? I had some problems with SD card formatted as external storage. You could format the SD card as internal shared storage, but you won’t be able to use the SD card outside the phone. Also, if you consider to format the SD card as internal shared storage, create a backup of your files, the SD card will be wiped.

Good morning,
thanks for your answer
But I think more and more to return my gs950 too many problems: sd card unusable, phone not found when it is pluged to my computer, voice echo in call. It’s the mess.

sorry GS 290 I don’t know why I wrote 950

To bad. I’m really happy with the GS290.

No problem, i understand. :slight_smile:

It’s not the gs 290, I think it’s rather the android 10 the problem in the futur an uptade will fix all.
Have a good day and thanks for your help

Just bought gs290 on line in /e/ store. Same problem, camera app doesn’t detect sdcard. Too bad, hope that will be fixed. Morever, files app only show sdcard, not internal memory. Still need effort to offer the basic functions.

F-droid Store: Simple Camera by simplemobiletools on the GS290 supports saving to microSD Card


The storage location ‘SD Card’ can be selected in the settings.

Hi there, sorry for the late answer. SD card is fixed now. Milles thanks to everyone
Jean Michel