SD card not usable anymore on FP4

My first SD card broke (it crashed when I pushed the battery back, somehow it popped out).
I tried two new SD cards but they are not accessible for apps. E.g. the Settings app just crashes. Camera app says it cannot save the picture.
I also tried removing the partitions from the SD card on beforehand and the phone recognizes the SD card and formats it and build a folder structure, but it stays unusable for apps.

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Did you let the phone format the SD card as Internal Storage or as external/portable storage?

Having in mind … recent Android has some trouble with SD cards as Internal Storage, not only on Fairphones.


I have maybe a similar issue on FP3+, I’d say since 1.11 (I rarely take pictures, I found out about that this weekend). My SD card is just usable in read-only mode. The camera cannot save pictures, and I cannot create folders through the files app nor move files on the SD card.

Thank u for your answer!
Yes, the original SD card was formatted as internal storage.
Reading abt the issue. I gues I have to to a factory reset now.

Please check the link to the Fairphone forum given above regarding SD cards as Internal Storage.

However, in case your SD card is formatted as external/portable storage, and you can see that read-only is the same e.g. in a card reader on a computer, then this most probably is the end of life of this SD card.

I have quite a few cards lying around this way after some time of usage, seemingly the controllers on the cards just decided to not write anymore and won’t be convinced otherwise (there are low-level format tools available on the internet advertised as a solution to this, my experience so far is - don’t bother, doesn’t work).

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It’s formatted as external storage, and I was thinking about its EoL too. Thanks for the extra information, it’s the first time I push a SD card to its limits!
I’ll change it and see how it goes. Thankfully data can be retrieved…so far!

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