SD card not useable

Since updating, 2 versions - now on 1.7, I cannot use my SD card. I had this problem before, and had to use the ‘phone storage’ option. Now this option is not available when I respond to the ‘unsupported SD card’ notification.

I would actually like to have the card function as portable storage, this option does appear as available, however running it does not result in a useable SD card.

My phone is Gigaset GS290. How can I solve this problem?

can you post a screenshot of the options you’re given when trying to use the sdcard? the portable option should always be offered on a freshly formated sdcard.

There’s a bug somewhere that can mark the sdcards filesystem (exfat then) as corrupted - after an update. Not sure from your text if you’re affected by this.

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I think I have the same issue; at least every couple of days I get a message wrongly announcing I inserted a new memory card and to I want to format it. Once in this state this only disappears only if I restart the phone entirely.
Fairphone FP3, /e/ version 1.7 but it did already behave the same as of 1.6.
I did buy a replacement card but didn’t try yet to install it, as the current one is heavily loaded and transfering will involve a lot of processing for me…

Hello @tcecyk and thank you!
Would you have any more insight on that bug? (how to track it, how to avoid it…?)

not really on how it happens (having a log) or what exactly is changed for Android to see corruption. I have a hunch it’s due to the OTA process / somewhere in the recovery. Wrote on it in this thread - Help: Sd card corrupted after update to v1.0 (Galaxy s10+) - #2 by tcecyk

On boot there runs a filesystem check on it and as your FP3 has a newer incarnation of the driver (and exfatprogs) it will probably fix whatever it deemed corrupt. For the original poster: can’t find the gs290 fs driver sources to compare

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