Seamless work vs. privacy

e/OS is awesome. I am completely satisfyied. But there are some questions open. I can move some things of daily live from Google to my private nextcloud. But completely without Google Drive / Google Photos - I am not a flagelant :wink:
I understand that e/OS prevents “tracking”. But what is tracking? And how can I imagine that? I have a raw idea, but I would like to verify it. Inthefollowing a short expample. I kindly ask you to comment it. AND ! It is an example… in reality I never used TikTok.

A users has installed TikTok, Facebook, Amazon and all Google Services.
Now all of these apps do their “normal” job, but beside that they track all activitys of the user.
That means that TikTok knows when the users spend timewith facebook, what he is selling and that he is using GoogleDrive
Amazon knows what TikTog Movies the user watch and what shorts he is watching in Facebook.
and so on and so on

Is that the truth?
And now: When I use all these applications under e/OS I only use their specific service but they are not allowed to track my activites on other apps. YES?

So TipTok knows what I am watching but NOT what I am buying
Many thanks for clarification

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/OS the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

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Hi Karl,

I believe you are right. In this case, you use all the same apps, but your operating system doesn’t have any tracking corporate services. So, each app, of course, has information on its own usage but not that of others. I noticed that ads on Twitter and Instagram have changed, and now I believe they are random or show ads from people close to me. With /e/ OS, first of all, we have a system that doesn’t track, and with this, we are getting one step closer to using fewer tracking apps and services. We only stick with the ones most used by society, and in time, /e/ OS will have advanced features that will enable us to use those apps without compromising our privacy. But even now, we can use alternatives to big services like Nextcloud, and for social media apps, we can use them under the ‘Shelter’ application (similar apps that use a work profile to keep those apps in a separate place and offer the option to isolate them). I believe with each step, we will increasingly integrate systems into our daily lives that do not compromise privacy, as it should be.

Thank you very much for this interesting answer.

BR Karl

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