Search engine stopped working in browser

Debug info

Node : spot12

  • duckduckgo (Suspended: access denied)
  • google (Suspended: access denied)
  • qwant (server API error)

Please, try the following.

Search again later

Try another query

Report this problem

Search engine stopped working and I get the above message. Did I change some critical setting? How do I fix it?

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It’s filed and noticed, so pretty sure someone is working to get this fixed

that’s the risk with meta search engines, getting cut off

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Hi @SimonJester753 the team is aware of the issue and working on a resolution.


It’s odd because, for example, I typed in the name of a local restaurant, and it added the name of the town, so I assume it’s pulling that info from somewhere. But then I click it and get the “sorry, no info found” message.

Is anyone else seeing odd behavior from the spot search? If I make a simple search like- Toyota Camry I will get results as expected. However a more specific search- Toyota Camry Waterpump turns up this error:

This occurs from the search bar on my FP4, from Fennec on the FP4, and from the browser on a PC following the link on my Murena cloud. Is there setting looking for exact wording as if I used “quotes” that has been switched on?

This one is making me feel crazy, any ideas??


I created an issue about it because I encounter the same exact problem. If you write a comment on it maybe it will show I’m not alone and the /e/ team could consider solving it faster…

Thanks for the reply! I added a comment

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The issue has been identified as being faced intermittently by users who have changed the default Search engine Browser >> three dots on top right >> Settings >> Search Engine
Issue is being reported by users who selected for options other than spot the default search engine .
The team is working on this and will be updating the resolution / progress on Gitlab


When I search with the e-browser I get no results. But the message

  • mojeek (Suspended: access denied)

There is a result when I go to Images.

The url is

Anyone an idea?

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Mine is still on spot.

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My fix was simple. I installed DuckDuckGo browser. I moved the native browser out of the doc and replaced it.

You just need to change the search engine. No need to change the browser.

Interesting. I have not changed my browser from the installed spot browser that it came with but am experiencing this problem. I’m wondering if it was related to latest update.

Well, I don’t know how to change the search engine, but I do know how to change the browser. And it worked and I’m happy.


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