Search engines on /e/ browser

Is it possible to add another search engine on /e/ browser?And how?I’ve trying to add searx, but I can’t.Thanks in advance.


on /e/ browser the stock search engine is /e/'s fork/rebrand of searx so you dont need to add it.

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perhaps post this as a feature request on Gitlab?

No need for, it’s answered

no way to add a search engine (considering installing google chrome from aurora for someone i know) ?.

No manual way that I know of. The Chrome Android help page mentions the following…

Recently visited search engines will be added as options for your default search engine.

Yet no matter how many times I use/visit other search engines they don’t show up. This community forum does show up, however.

AdBlock Browser (formerly Mozilla-based, now Chromium-based) includes 22 search engines. Me thinks the /e/ browser should at least include a few more.

Or let people add their search engine, even google.
I use qwant personnaly, and firefox.

Yeah, if that’s possible in Chromium-based browsers which doesn’t seem so.
Firefox is easy by just long-pressing on a search box or manually adding.

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