Search interface to microg App compatability

it’s referenced in the growing [LIST] Apps that work or do not work with microG thread, so to give this some spotlight…

It is a javascript interface to a csv file. Numbers as rating indicate compatability, no version is recorded, but date of entry and with a note/comment field. Data entry is via pull request to the csv file. It’s not including the application-id yet #36, but the developer was acknowledging the request (can be used to make relations) and wants to include it when creating an API.

Data entry and database scheme are of course challenges, I think the author(s) tried to go for simplicity first. Needing human intervention and not having historical records (version+date+rating) could hamper success of the dataset. That said - it’s a good shot at creating a dataset and search interface.

The gold standard among compatability database is probably protondb, they use the steam account though for data entry authentification, as it’s focus is… steam that’s an easy pick.

The csv file is CC0 licensed data, so if you want to build on it and enrich, you’re free to do so. The people behind this effort are techlore.

If the “Apps” App could query such a database on install, that’d be helpful for users if issues are expected (compatability rating :slight_smile: )

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