Secondary Proton Calendar set application as default

I have a function in a app, which sync a specific cloud calendar to the phone calendar.
But it puts the inputs in the default “Agenda” (calendar) app, and not the one I use.
I know that I can change the default apps for browser, sms, calls, … but I could I tell to the app : put the events in this calendar ?

You do not say what your two apps concerned are, but this activity is controlled by “export event .ics” from 1 app and “import event .ics” to your calendar app.

Probably once you have successfully moved one event, further events can be “trained” to follow the same path.

The first app is mystart+ (online schedule for firemen), with a button to sync with phone cal. No “.ics” file is visible. The syncing is direct. Then, no way to teach.
The 2nd calendar I use is proton calendar.

I just installed MyStart+ but without valid login I cannot even read FAQ! :slightly_smiling_face:

To help troubleshoot the problem; if the event(s) have actually populated the default Agenda you might try

  1. From Agenda > Agenda view > top right 3 dot menu > Import event. Does this already list .ics files on the phone ?

  2. From the “created event” does the “Share icon” present the event as an .ics file ?

If you can confirm .ics files are involved, maybe the FAQ will throw some light, or you could reach out to their support.

Or if 1. above succeeds maybe Proton Calendar can do similar ?

Oh yeah indeed, I need to be logged :-/ and can’t provide you a temp account

  1. With the 3 dots, I just have go to, refresh and search (FR translated …) no import
  2. I am able to share the created event in ics, and this automatically opens in Proton Calendar, but this solution doesn’t really help, I would need to share every single event

Why can we change default browser, sms, calls and launcher app, but not the calendar ?

Here are the screenshots from the app :

  1. Syncing button (bottom)
  2. Agree to overwrite the existing events
  3. Events well imported in the phone calendar app
  4. Settings in calendar app permission

Does Settings > Apps and notification > Default apps include Calendars ?

No :

And in … Settings > Apps and notification > Proton calendar > Advanced > Set as default

does not exist ?

This setting is just to open (web)links :

This is confirmed here

There is a “Improvement request”

I wonder if MyStart+ could provide such web-links or on request provide such functionality.

Thanks, I didn’t find any default calendar app discussion.
Let’s hope now, and I’ll write to the support adress.

Reflecting … Systel SA are collecting your “shift data” saying … “only works in correspondence with emergency services that are equipped with SYSTEL’s mobilising and communications system” – so your employer and Systel are already collating the data … could you collect the data in some other way online without the app, maybe even your employer has an online calendar record per employee.

Edit This might work like this, Subscribe to an external calendar with Proton Calendar

Secondly Proton Calendar can Add an event from your inbox to your calendar – Can mySTART+ app send an email notification every time you get an update ?