Secure identity and integrity

Hi everyone,
I am LineageOS user at the moment and as any other user care about my and my family privacy. It is very easy to get into corpo trap when they know everything about you.
But what I lack in LOS is integration between services (contacts, calendar, mail, file sharing, etc.). Recently I have found a nice app Jami (Ring). Its identity system does not require any centralised server nether any email or phone number.
What you guys think about that kind of identity and what is difference from /e/ identity.


in other forums some people reported, that only the version from playstore is infected by trackers, but the apk at fdroid seems to be clean!

it’s indeed a rather interesting application utilizing very uncommon decentralized communication and p2p finding strategies.

Yeah, that’s why it might be an interesting point of view. I was thinking about all those blockchain technologies but they seem to be very bulky and awkward. That one I found very simple and straight forward.

Personally, I don’t very like Jami exactly because of its decentralized structure. (Its drawbacks appear when you need to send something to someone who is currently offline.)

I’m more attracted to the federative model, so now I’m looking at Matrix. But if someone decides to follow that path, please note that even F-Droid version of Riot (the main Matrix client for all platforms) also contains some trackers, so I suggesting to pay your attention to alternative Matrix client-apps miniVector and Librem Chat.

However, there are still a number of other options that also do not require your personal data to be used.

Thanks e.follower. I will look at them.

So the main point is to have one centralised (open source, anonymous and secured) service like Google Account which will allow you following:

  • Can be used by any application for authorisation.
  • Allows to store data, files and app settings in the cloud. You can choose a cloud vendor or have you own private cloud on your own server.
  • Allows to share files to other people. (to users with the same identity with ability to cancel the share later).
  • Have a control of your all devices and ability to remove device from your trusted sources (in case if you lost your phone for example).
  • The identity must be unique across all vendors and servers. So ones I created my account it is recognised by all decentralised vendors and services. No need to another account because of different vendor or service or cloud.
  • No need to attach any of your personal data (email, phone number, location or ip address).
  • Easy to use (by users or developers).
  • There also interesting thoughts can be found here

Please reply with your thoughts and ideas.

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I don’t think that a good approach is to put all eggs in one basket. Here is a significant disadvantage of large ecosystems — deep integration can result you in huge losses if something goes wrong. Was it easy for you to break out of Gоо9Ie when you were disappointed in it?

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I didn’t mean a huge system. I was thinking about small identity service which allows to be integrated with any app. So app developers can use the service in the same way they use Google or Facebook identity APIs.

Another interesting solution

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Is etesync any good? It seems they have paid options only after the trial.

riot has a very low rating in the app store regarding privacy, only 4.0.

@kalman : miniVector, which is basically a simpler version of Riot, scores 6.0.

I wish I understood why /e/ is not using Etesync. It’s free if you (or they) self-host it.

@GaelDuval : Wouldn’t it make things easier?

Something like this