Secure Installation and Uninstallation

Hi Guys,

I’m wondering if there’s a system setting that can lock the install/uninstall of apps with a pattern or pin code?

No. You cannot uninstall system apps. They can be disabled but then some other apps may not work properly.

We will be adding the ability to uninstall system apps in a later version of the /e/ ROM. No ETA as yet.

Let me clarify my question. Is there a setting that will prompt for a pin code to the user first before installing/uninstalling apps?

For example. When a user tried to install an app, either from app store or from file manager, the OS will ask for a pin code first before it allow the user. The same scenario applies when uninstalling apps.

we are not on windows where allway comes the question: Are you sure ’ :rofl::wink:

I’m actually referring to the behavior of Linux desktop OS wherein before you are allowed to install/uninstall apps you need to key in the password.

I think there will be no way to to what you want. And I’m happy about that, because from my side of view it makes no sence, sorry.

One scenario is this. I let my /e/ borrowed by my girlfriend and she intentionally or accidentally remove my apps. I would like to prevent that.

Under User & accounts there is a feature where you can add a new user. Not tried that much but you can try that and add users. Also if you log in using your pin or fingerprint then the other user should not have access to your apps.

I see. Let me try that feature. Thank you.