Securitu patch updates scedule, FP4

Hello everybody,

I am not very knowledgeable about phones or computers, but I try to survive… I also have started to really worry about the privacy so… I got my FP4 phone 1-2 months ago and now I would like to start using it without google ie. install /e/os before using it.

I read in Fairphone support (
“Before you start Make sure you’re running the latest software available … If you skip this step, the procedure may not work.”.
Also from ( I read:
“Your smartphone must have the latest version of Fairphone OS to make the oem unlock code to work.”

So I did update the phone, it became Android 12 (it was 11 before the update).
Then I realise, now my security patch indicates “August 5, 2023”.

In “”, under “Downloads for the FP4” is indicated: /e/OS build : S stable (Security patch: 2023-05-05)

=> Question: Is it not possible to install e/OS until the latest security patch (2023-08-05) for S is available? (I assume the same security patch version is valid also if using Easy installer)

=> Question: When the latest security patch for build S for FP4 might be available?

Another general question: By mistake I installed under “Windows update” also some other android driver, not only the one starting with “Google, Inc -…”… was this a big mistake? If yes, is it necessary to remove the wrong (?) driver somehow?


The /e/OS team updates the security patches for any device, included FP4, for any new version. In my case I have the latest one, 1.14-S stable and it includes Android security patch of July 5th 2023. The new 1.15 that is coming out this week will update this further, I guess August.

Then I suggest you wait for 1.15 and should not try to install 1.14!


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