Security An application SMS that blocks links ? phishing security

Is there an SMS application that blocks links or transforms links into text format to prevent phishing?

In whatapps, you can block the automatic downloading of photos, videos, documents, meme etc… It’s better for security.

it was requested before but turned down -

you could use something like

This is the Pegasus method of attack. It’s odd that e/OS refuses to provide a feature that lets you refuse yes or no. I don’t trust e/OS.

It’s not odd: it’s the reality of being a small company with limited development resources. The most effective way of using those resources is not to spend time on developing new features - and fixing all the bugs that are created along the way - that can a: be achieved by other methods (see @tcecyk’s reply), and b: have already been rejected by the upstream app that /e/ use because it

is a feature too few people care for, to be worth adding to the app

(see this comment in the QKSMS issue)

Then don’t use their ROM. It might be interesting to know why you don’t trust /e/OS. Is it just because they wont waste their resources developing a new feature that only a few people want? Or do you have a more coherent reason?