Security and privacy of /e/ OS vs Calyx OS

I’ve been using Calyx OS for a while, and now we’re about to install /e/ OS on DW’s Pixel 5 so we can compare Calyx with another ROM.

Is there anyone here that can compare the security features of /e/ OS with those in Calyx OS? For example, am I right to think that /e/ OS allows me to lock the bootloader? — The phones from Munera have a locked bootloader. The ability to lock the bootloader was one of the reasons I initially chose Calyx over Lineage OS.

As another example, Calyx OS takes extra steps to make the signature spoofing from Micro G more secure (apparently I’m not allowed to link to the Calyx website). I haven’t found any information about /e/ OS doing something similar.

Are there any interesting privacy and security features that /e/ OS brings that are not found in Calyx?

Thanks for the help.

This here should be interesting in this regard, even more so once /e/OS comes up in the series (non-German speakers would need auto translation) …

Checking the install instructions for Pixel 5 redfin we see

Locking the bootloader

… so that is a yes.

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