Security of the Ecloud

Hi everyone, great to see a project like this working on a privacy preserving ecosystem.

I am wondering how secure the Ecloud is. The website is very clear and simple:


For new users a lot of questions might pop up:

  • Do I need an Ecloud-account to use the /e/ operating system on a phone?
  • Does it automatically sync all data that’s on my phone, and if yes: which data?
  • How is the Ecloud secured?
  • Is it fully encrypted?
  • How do I know that the isn’t evil? And what if only 1 member is, can my data be seen?
  • Can I protect my Ecloud-account with a Yubikey?
  • Can I easily delete my account when I want?

I understand that this is all new, and I don’t expect everything to be clear from day 1 with a small team, but for me these are the questions when I start to use a new service/ecosystem. Same goes for other new users as well.

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Hello @juskefet, these elementary questions have also been asked by other /e/ users. The answers can be found (unfortunately) in different threads depending on the question. Here is one of them:

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Hi @juskefet you can find the answers to your queries in the FAQ
The answer to the last question

At present this is not possible from the ecloud account for the user as we have not been able to integrate it seamlessly into the system.
The way to do it is to send a mail from the account you want to delete to - this is to verify that the account you want to delete is in fact yours…once we get the mail we will have it deleted from the system.

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