Security Patch eos 1.3-r

Hi everyone,

I want to migrate from Android 11 on my Fairphone 4 to e/OS. The current security patch version on my phone is dated 2022-07-05.

In the release notes of e/OS 1.3-r is stated that Android security patches available until June are included. But the link below that statement leads to security patches of July.

I am not sure now if I can use the release 1.3-r without bricking my phone. Does the release 1.3-r include the security patch level of 2022-07-05 and can I use it to migrate to e/OS on my phone?

Thanks for your help!

Is it a documentation mistake ?

This is the reason for my question. And it seems quite important because there is the following statement in the installation instructions:

Caution: The FP4 comes with an anti-rollback feature. Google Android anti-roll back feature is supposedly a way to ensure you are running the latest software version, including the latest security patches.

If you try installing a version of /e/OS based on a previous AOSP core version than the one running on your phone, or based on a security patch that is older than the one on your device, you will brick your device.

I hope that one of the e/OS experts is reading this post and can give some advice.

Hi @Ligant,
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Any normal /e/ user with a FP4 in his hands, can look into
–>phone settings -->about the phone -->android version 11 →
And give you the answer.

That is not what I meant. In my first post I said that the current security patch is dated 2022-07-05 which was taken from –>phone settings -->about the phone -->android version 11.

What I meant was that I hope that an e/OS expert can clarify the question if e/OS release 1.3-r does include the July 05 security patches and that it was perhaps merely a documentation error in the release notes. In that case I could use this version to migrate from standard Android 11 to e/OS.

you are not a /e/user,

as you do not yet running /e/OS on your device,
When many of our members does…

One of them simply have to look into his phone settings as you did in you /google/OS device

I am also interested in the answer.
I want to migrate my FairPhone to /e/ and we all need to know if the July security patch is included in version 1.3.
Of those who have an FP4 on /e/ in version 1.3, who can confirm not to brick our phones. Thank you!

On my FP4 running /e/OS 1.3-r-20220823212872-stable-FP4 the “Android security update” as well as the “Vendor security patch level” show “July 5, 2022”.

Note that the release notes have also meanwhile been updated, stating “This /e/OS v1.3 includes the Android security patches available until July.”


Same version and dates here.
@Ligant: you won’t brick your device in case you don’t relock the bootloader. If you want to relock the bootloader then make sure that OEM unlock is enabled (and device starts fine) to be safe.


Thank you!