"Security risk detected". Micro G settings

We have been using “e” on the familys four smartphone for quite some time now, with generally very good experience. Both our banking apps, and “Bank-ID” works fine, as most other applications we need. I use a Fairphone3, unrooted.

With a new car in the family, I have run into problems though. In the “Appstore” there is the “Hyundai bluelink europe” app available. Even though beeing downloaded from app-store, itit does not work. Claiming “A security risk has been deteceted on your phone. The app will be disabled”.

Ther is another version of the app available from aruora store. This app just crashes constantly. A message is found in the dropdown menu “the app excited because the device was rooted”.

Ok. So i understand there is a problem with the safetynet or alike, as described in other topics. Now my question:

Is there other ways to setup “microG” to increase chance of phone passing the safetynet check? In advanced option you can choose “use official server ore third paryt server.” Does this matter? Is there any other way than “MAgisk hide” to hide the phone from looking rooted? (as mentioned, i havent rooted my phone)

Rootbeer shows a marking on “DAngerous props”, claiming the phone is rooted. What is this?
Safetynet test fails “response payload validation failed”

Any suggestions what i could do?

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