Security Updates

A security patch cannot be forgotten. We usually apply the patches around the mid of the month. Are you saying there were multiple patches in a month. In that case the next patch would have both the updates.

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Security updates for Nougat seem to be stopped

Which consequences does this have for /e/ nougat devices, e.g. nexus5 hammerhead?

Device OS will be upgraded

…after applying the 17.12.2019-update (I’m using S4 mini GT-i9195 serranoltexx) there is still the november-security-patch instead of december… Is there any chance, the next update will include the actual patch ? community-based /e/OS for this phone is still based on Nougat, but here user “Chimpthepimp” build a “Pie”- based ROM:

What about taking this one and applying latest patche(es) and making it ‘official’, actually it’s working quite good… ?!?

Thank you very much for the information! :slight_smile:

I have a S7 bought from e and no update, even security, since 8/11/2019, more than 2 month ago. Do you have update planned for these device because it means that some security issue are not fixed?
Secondary question, is an upgrade to android 8 or more planned?


The last build for the S7 is from 25/12 according to the build download page. Please check:

Could you post a screenshot from Settings > System > About Phone so we can check which build is actually installed on your phone?
Also, if you go to “System updates”, does it show any updates? Which date is shown under “Last checked:”?

As far as I know, the devs are working on updating the OS to Pie - not sure if this applies to all phones though

The build is 0.7-2019110830013
it doesn’t show any update when I force a check

Do you have any firewalls installed on your phone which maybe could block connections to the OTA-servers?
Are you sure that your device is “herolte”?

I’m sure but I also think that phone bought from /e/ don’t see every update, only stable one… however 2 month without any upgrade is not very reassuring

Just before Christmas 2019 was an important update from MicroG to release e-v0.2.10.19420.

Please → check manually if an OTA update is available

already checked, no update available

Well there are updates for your devices, that’s for sure. It’s just unclear why these updates are not shown automatically as OTA. Maybe there are some issues with your currently installed build.

Are you familiar with manually upgrading your OS by installing the update using TWRP? If yes, I would suggest you to do so and observe the OTA-feature until the next build for your device is released. If it is still not shown then, we would have to investigate this further.

@kaiox," … on the refurbished phones we have stable builds in comparison to the dev builds that are … the stable version code base is the same as the dev release only with a further layer of testing to ensure all the apps on it are working.

@saunite asked And the stable versions are not available to download?

@exyna, it would be interesting to know if the change from /e/ OS ROM “stable” to “dev” affects the warranty for the /e/ device?

Hi @kaiox stable builds release frequency is less compared to the dev builds. You should be getting a stable build update this coming week.

Updates to the Dev and Stable branches


was the security string updated until 2020-01-05 or 1919-12-05 ?

» Settings » About phone : Phone status
→ Android security patch level: 5. Dezember 2019 or 5. Januar 2020 or ?

Hi there! I guess it is of no use opening a new topic.

I just bought an FP3+ with /e/ that is brand new and arrived yesterday. In the Android version info (0.12-q-2020111084009-stable-FP3) it says that security updates are of 5th September 2020, and that the manufacturer security patch level is of 5th October 2020.

Has anything changed regarding the update cycles? I’d expect to get something as December is almost over.

BTW I cannot manually update my device as I do not see the menu option “System updates” in “About phone”. All I can do is go to “Android version” and have a look at the current state.

“System Updates” got moved to the main menu screen.

With a phone bought from the shop, you are on the stable release channel. This means you will get updates when they have proven “stable”. This takes some time, so I would expect those dates to lag a bit.

Furthermore, there were some issues with updates (search forum for “FP3 update” for details) lately which stopped the update cycle and all current updates have been postponed to the new year for a Christmas break.

Hello @Bleiboy, thank you for your purchase!

You can update your FP3+ to the latest /e/OS version (0.13):

  • Settings > System > Advanced > Updater, click the curved arrow at top right to see the latest version and install it.

After this update, you will find the updater directly in Settings > System updates.