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I am still searching for the right privacy E os is actually pretty good it only can I trust ?
Not meant to be wrong, but Google already knows a lot about me and has become a familiar environment over time.
It also seems that Google is now gradually adjusting their privacy. Or is this not as privacy friendly as it seems?
I would like advice on what I can do to make my Samsung Galaxy A34 5G privacy friendly. Thanks in advance

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

Maybe not the best comparison but … your ex-lover does probably also know a lot about you … I suppose that does not mean that you still share your most private and intimate information with him/her/else.

Generally spoken it is simple: the less information/data you share with parties like g** and the less information/data you allow to be accessed the more privacy you gain. In my understanding it is about data avoidance and data minimization.
Using a degoogled OS for your phone is a good step towards more privacy and it will bring you in contact with alternative approaches/apps that will/might replace what you are used to …

from what I see here there´s no eOS for that phone available and also LineageOS has not (yet?) adopted it. (Adoption by LOS is a prerequisite for eOS to adopt that phone.)
No idea whether it´s already adopted by any other project or not (I assume that phone is still rather fresh on the market (?) so I doubt it´s been adopted by deggogleing projects already) …

You may enhance privacy independently from your OS (with limitations … but still …) and make it harder for parties like g** to get your data. Different steps on different levels … like I said above: using other apps than you used to (fdroid is a good source), other messengers, other mail provider, other cloud service, firewall or adblocking software etc. - you name it and choose depending on your needs and growing understanding … One may allow a little tradeoff here and there depending on personal needs or other reasons. I´d say it is important to start that journey, the way will reveal itself as you dig into that topic more and more …
There are a lot of good sources on digital privacy and on what you can do about it and some measures are really simply doublechecking your phone settings vs. a howto-list… e.g. this one … or this one (the latter is in German) …among others.
Don´t let too much information disturb you - it´s mainly about one simple step after the other.

edit: update on LOS-adoption-status and cleanup

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I want to protect my data from these companies so then Murena is the solution for me, it’s very simple and making profit with me would be a waste.
Now if someone’s geek who might also want to escape mass surveillance, I guess, would browse each community to find a match.

Also something to keep in mind is that if you delete all data on google then even if some data is still on their server and being used (even tho it would be against the law) this data will get useless over time as you, the individual, changes. To stay with the example of obacht; your ex will not know where you work, what job you have, where you live because if you restrict the data-flow then there will be no updates on your current life.


Yes, basically the Murena experience to me is that G for ex don’t have many ways to sell me their things, it’s a great improvement in my life quality. Particularly nowadays.

It’s not.

You can use a translation engine on those if you would prefer to read them in a different language.

There are plenty of other critical analyses out there, from different organizations, but the above should give you a good idea about Google’s real intentions.


They’re also gradually “closing” the sources of AOSP-apps:

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