Select SIM (dual SIM) automatically according to adressbook called contact is out of (assign SIM to adressbook)

Dear developers,

I wonder if the dual SIM setting “assign adressbooks / contacts to a particular SIM” on a dual sim phone (mine is Xiaomi Mi6) to automatically being chooseen when a call is made is

  • in the pipe anyway?
  • needed from anybody else than me?
  • hard to develop?

On my old stock android 7.0 (on Moto G4 “athene” - patch level 2018/04) it was avaylable under Settings > SIM cards > Usage profile.

Thanks a lot!

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I would need that functionality, too (Fairphone 3).



please!!, it is necessary for me to be able to manage two sim cards properly ! Is this planned?


I would really benefit from this feature on my Fairphone 3.

Not only for outgoing calls but also for SMS/MMS text messaging.

Having the possibility to choose two different ringtones for each of the two sim card for ingoing phone call would be great too.

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There are several issue open about it :