Select wich folder/data is sync

Hi, i can’t find where i can choose which data is sync. I mean others options than whith calDAV and cardDAV. Ifind for calendars/apps settings/contacts/mail/notes/tasks/pictures ans videos , but not for other datat. I’ve check every settings, on the device and on my cloud space, but i didn’t find any option for data like music/ringtones/documents or podcasts. Theyr’re sync’ed, but i don’t want it (especially music), it take a lot of place for nothing… I don’t want to sync all my device in fact . For the moment i can’t sync off music, for example.

PS: why i’m not allowed to create subject in my own language ? (french)

For the select you wish you have to use the standard nextcloud client from f-droid.

Regarding the language issue, I can’t help, sorry.

@Manoj could you please check ? Thx

Hi @Fab2B pl can you check now if you are able to post in the /e/ French language forum

BTW, I would also like to be able to comment in the French forum from time to time.

Is this something you can please help me with, @Manoj ? Thanks.

Hi @dotcoma pl check now…you should be able to comment on the french language forum …just added your ID to the group

Ça marche. Merci bien!

If you want to post in one of the four other language sections, you will find that [ + New Topic ] is light grey and no topic can be opened.

You just have to click above (join XXX group to contribute) and then click again on the button [ Join ] - and you’re in the …

/e/ forum in Dutch
/e/ forum in French
/e/ forum in English
/e/ forum in Spanish

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Sorry for the delay, thank you it’s good for me.

Thank you, i’ve missed it, i’haven’t really read all :sweat_smile:

Sorry for the response delay. Thank you, i’m not sure how it really works, i’ll find out :smiley:
Did you know if all the Nextcloud sync options will be implemented in the future in /e/ ? Without the need to use an app. Like it already exists for contacts, mails and calendars ?

Sorry, don’t know :frowning: