Selecting folders for synchronization

Hi :slight_smile:
I am new to murena, using Android 11, /e/ OS Version 1.2-r-20220726206059-stable-FP4 on my Fariphone 4, and I am struggling with the automatic synchronization settings. Hopefully, someone can help.

I would like to synchronize some folders (e.g. pictures, documents) with my murena cloud. But I don’t need that for other folders (like music, downloads etc.). Is there a way to choose the folders synchronized automatically?

(I have found the account synchronization options where I can choose to (not) synchronize contacts, calender, images etc., but there is no option to disable the synchronization of certain folders, e.g. music.)

Thanks in advance!

yes, it’s a feature in popular demand that is a work in progress it seems - to have folder granularity now you’d need to disable the in-built File sync altogether and use the official Nextcloud client to connect to that gives you folder granularity.


Perfect. Thanks a lot for the quick reply! :blush: