Self-hosting - my journey

The beauty of open source is, that you can get the source code of every open source software. This makes it possible to compile it for and use it on many operating systems.


Hi there, thanks for the interesting read! I’m looking forward to switching to /e/ and self hosting my data, you gave some nice pointers (like SOGo/NextCloud) and insight on what are the underlying technologies. Good read

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Hi @Markus,
Thank you for writing all this, it’s very informative. Self-hosting is something I am interested in but tbh I currently have so little free time I struggle to even manage my cloud-hosted systems, never mind start hosting my own! I am interested to see what /e/ comes up with for docker images, as well as Solid Pods as you mentioned although I think it’s objective is somewhat different. Framasoft have also been providing lots of info for this, although the English guides still need to be translated from French in many cases:
Cheers :slight_smile:


@bitbeckers Glad that you like it!

@madbilly You are welcome. And thanks for your link to Framasoft! I will have a look at it.

Hello i’ve use YUNOHOST for few years and it is great project for home and soho ! the ldap and sso is realy great and i like this project. it is better at home than vps but you can use with rasberypi too.


Thank you for the link to yunohost!!!
This looks awesome!!!:laughing:

@MonsieurB Thank you for the YunoHost feedback!

I started self hosting some services last year, before /e/ was first released.
The project NextCloudPi gave me a very good starting point. NextCloudPi is a ready to use image for Raspberry Pi, Odroid HC1, rock64 and other boards.
If you consider to do self hosting and do not want to set everything up from scratch I can highly recommend NEXTCOUDPI to you!


NextCloudPi is an excellent choice I have been using it for a while now. I would recommend getting the new Raspberry pi4 as it’s night and day speed wise compared with the Pi 3.

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I also have NextCloudPi running on a Pi 3B+ and eagerly waiting for the Pi 4 with 4GB RAM to be available. Anyway, I also wait for NextCloudPi to upgrade to the Raspbian Buster (Debian 10) level firstm then I should be able to just move the SD card over to the Pi 4 as migration task.

I think there is a Debian Buster available now.

Yes, my Pi 3B+ is now updated to Buster. Now I just wait for the Pi 4 (4GB) to become available here in France.

Hello guys!
I see you are talking about Yunohost and /e/.
If you are interested by the subject and/or willing to help people, I open 2 conversations:

in English here: Yunohost and /e/

in French here:

Please do not hesitate to help :slight_smile:

Thank you