Yunohost and /e/

A few days ago, /e/ self-hosting has been released (beta).
I see on the forum some users are interested in Yunohost interacting with /e/ ecosystem.

Some users are wondering how to connect /e/ phone with yunohost
Some users are trying to integrate Yunohost in /e/ self-hosting (or vice versa… I’m not sure actually)

So I open the conversations here in the /e/ community and also here (french) to put people in contact and talk about this subject in English and in French and help each others.


My thoughts are definitely that /e/ could be interested in the way Yunohost works.

Specifically since /e/ can be self-hosted, and still with this the need to keep it simple and easy to use.

Could be a good lead to adapt the source code to /e/ needs and system, just as it’s been made with SearX and Spot.

I try to use /e/ with yunohost. with nexus5 and already nextcloud with contact install(not by default) mail config and calendar
format data in twrp and start system.
make config and set my yunohost account.
calendar and contact sync is working
mail crash on /e/
notes say can not sync with server is apps install on it


Yeah I tried with the exact same configuration, a yunohsot up to date on a x86 computerbox, and with a nexus 5x. I used the built available on the e website and I’ve the same problem with mail.
even after trying to add a /e/ acount, mail is still crashing.