Self hosting on a Raspi

Hi, I was wondering if there is no ready to use self-hosting and backup image package for a Raspi. That would be a good thing, wouldn’t it?After the installation of /e/ just enter as cloudaddress and off you go. (Works only at home off course)

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as far as I know, there isn’t. The easiest way to do this is to use Yunohost and install the Nextcloud app on it (you even have a free sub-domain name of your choice so you can easily access your server from the internet for free).

Though you can suggest this in the gitlab.

There are tons of tuturials on web how to setup nextcloud on Rpi. External access from all iver to world works perfect with dyndns or

Is it about Nextcloud only, or the whole eCloud ?

So there is no way to make an backup on a local network only?

Maybe it will work, but I don’t know what will happen once you are outside. Will it try to connect ? Drain the battery ? Error messages ? No idea.