Selfhosted eCloud vs Nextcloud

What is the benefit of running an ecloud server over a nextcloud server? I’m no programmer, but know just enough to setup a selfhosted nextcloud on an old laptop and am curious if it’s an upgrade to use ecloud.

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In short, Selfhosted Murena cloud enhances Nextcloud with:

  • a email server with spam protection
  • some Murena-customized Nextcloud settings, apps, and themes
  • a self-service account creation portal for newcomers

One can see it as a simplified, but fully functional, clone of

Please be aware that it’s designed as a “all in a box” solution, and requires:

  • a DNS domain
  • a dedicated non-residential public IP address to work (mainly for the email).
  • for best results, a dedicated server, for example a cloud VPS

Of course all is Open-Source and can be modified to fit your needs, but this may require some sysop knowledge :wink:
Please find here the whole git project with install readme:


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