Send device and get it supported - suggestion

would it be possible to support / sponsor the addition of a new device to the list of supported devices by sending it to the

I suppose most users do not have the skills and / or time to do it themselves, but some might have the means to sponsor a ‘test device’ which can be used by an experienced /e/ developer to add support for this device.

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Devices which are already on the Lineage Supported list are the easiest to support as they already have a ROM Maintainer. These devices also have a code source or device tree which can be used to build these ROM’s. These can even be built by users on this forum …check out the list of unofficial devices.
The problem comes with unsupported devices. This would require the services of an experienced developer. The average time we have noted to port a device is 2-3 months. This explains the reason why not many unsupported device requests get entertained. Sponsoring will not help as the team size is small and we have some of the developers multi tasking at times.

I see, I see. So, the trouble is not getting a specific device to play with, but to get someone skilled enough to port and then support it.

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