Serious battery leak after system update -- how to rollback?

I updated to /e/OS 1.0-20220614192251 a few days ago. The previous update (from March, I believe) I could not install for unknown reasons. My phone is a OnePlus, less than a year old.

Since the update my battery energy is consumed real fast. I normally use the phone so little that I need to recharge only every third day or so. This morning it went down from 95% to 65% withing 4 hours. That was

  • whithout using
  • display off
  • without GPS position
  • without advanced privacy
  • without mobile data.
    I shall make another test without WLAN as well.

I can’t tell where the power is going to, listed apps look normal and I get no warning about excessive data consumption by any app.

Is there any way to rollback to the previous release?

Ok, a OnePlus Nord it is, for anyone with the Nord wanting to pitch in :wink: .

That sounds like way too much indeed, even if in general after an update battery use can go up for a little while for some OS adjustments.

Since it isn’t mentioned … did you try a reboot already?

In any case, you should have a backup of all your important stuff or be prepared to set everything up again from scratch, just to be cautious …

You can always install the OS from scratch. For the OnePlus Nord, dev and stable releases are available for download, so make sure which one you would want … Different Build Types … and which one you’re currently on … Settings - About phone - Android version (tap on it) - /e/ version.

Else, pending any detailed Nord insight coming from somebody else (I don’t have the device), it seems the Nord is a so-called A/B device (slots a and b are mentioned). What is true for other A/B devices might apply here, too …

The OS version before the last update should be available on the now inactive OS slot of the two OS slots. Be prepared to do a factory reset (may or may not be necessary).

… well I do not know the device well, but #nord or has had it’s own set of problems centred on the failing to update OTA to v1.0 and/or suspicions that the /e/ build and /e/ Recovery might be responsible. Searching the posts in #nord in the past 30 days will provide links to at least 2 Gitlab issues. :frowning_face:

Found something …

Yes, that sounds like it. For the record: yes, I did a reboot; actually the device did a reboot on its own last night because the battery failed.

I charged the battery to 100 % at 11:00 this morning and turned off WLAN, mobile data, Bluetooth, GPS and shut down all applications. By 15:00 battery was down to 64% and at 21:00 it reached 1%. The phone seems a little warm to the touch but it is hard to tell as we are experiencing a heatwave these days.

I guess fixing the problem and rolling out an update will take a few weeks or months, so I am aiming at a rollback. Installing /e/ the first time was quite scary to me, so please bear with me.

1.) enabled developer mode
2.) enabled USB debugging
3.) connecting via adb works, fastboot keeps waiting for a device
4.) now what?
Should I enable “extended reboot” in the developer menu and hope to get the option to boot from the other slot next time? Or should I reboot and use the fastboot command as suggested above?

Keep in mind I don’t have the device, and keep in mind …

If you’re really sure …

That’s normal. The fastboot command only works with the phone in fastboot mode.

Yes, this.
I’m not sure the extended reboot menu would give you a reboot to the other slot, it doesn’t on my device, but you can enable it to give you a reboot to bootloader (aka Fastboot Mode), which might be convenient.

Partial success.

I entered fastboot mode, retrieved the currently active slot (b), set it to the other one (a) hit reboot. That got me to an endlessly bouncing-dot-e-logo. I managed to turn the phone off by pressing all three buttons for like 10 seconds. The same combination got me into fastboot mode and I set the active slot back to ‘b’ via my host computer.

So I went around a full circle and came back to a power-leaky 1.0 version of /e/.

Now that I am a little more experienced: how would I obtain and load a previous version of /e/ into the other slot to try again? Thanks for bearing with me!

It should be the previous version trying to boot there already.
If it doesn’t boot successfully, this most likely means that it doesn’t like something about the current state of things which are not divided by the slots. This will most likely not change with installing something other than the latest build there.

If it’s about the state of the data partition, a screen with a choice of “Factory reset” or “Try again” was observed by users in such a situation.
If this choice isn’t displayed and the boot animation plays endlessly, it could be that the mentioned choice only appears on some devices and not on others, or that the cause of the bootloop is something else.

This looks like territory for someone with experience with the OnePlus Nord, which I don’t have.

In general, a factory reset should be possible in recovery mode, else fastboot erase cache and fastboot -w should amount to pretty much the same.
There’s a chance the older OS version would boot after this, but a factory reset or fastboot -w will wipe your data.

OS downloads for installation are here (dev releases) … … or here (stable releases) …

Install instructions are here … Install /e/ on a OnePlus Nord - “avicii”.

Thanks a ton!

After playing around and around, miraculously the battery leak seems to be gone. I will run more benchmarks through the night to be sure but it looks good.

Less good is that now the apps keep crashing. System apps like AppLounge and Camera, mind, nothing fancy. Rebooting helps but only erratically: AppLounge seems to be stable again while the Camera App hates it when I cycle through the different sensors. HereWeGo needed uninstalling but the Beta version seems happy with /e/ 1.0.

I shall see how app usability evolves and, if necessary, seek help in a separate thread. Thanks to all you folks who keep answering my questions!