"Serious camera error" on FairPhone 5 and /e/ OS 1.16

Today I have tried to record a video on my FairPhone 5 running on /e/ OS 1.16.1-t20231026345875-stable-FDP5 and got error “Serious camera error”. In the default camera app. The situation is teh same also with Simple camera from Tibor Kaputa.
No recording is saved.

Sorry, i cannot help you, but i’ve tried it …
same error here with 1.16-t-20231026345875-stable-FP5 (OTA-Update).

You can raise an issue on Gitlab with details of the issue and logs . That way the developers can take a look at it and resolve it. Ensure you check the details and remove any personal information from the logs before posting.

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@hades : I’ve just installed OTA /e/OS 1.17-rc-t-20231103348380-stable-FP5. No more errors with the default camera app. I can make, save and watch videos.

Manoj: I am not able to create new issue on Gitlab, I don’t have account there and I cannot create new.
ThomasS: Thank you, I will wait until I get the OTA update.
Open Camera solved the problem…but it has other flaws: it is much slower than original camera app, and also the picture from wide lens is too much noisy.

I guess this is the issue created on the gitlab

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Yes, it exactly describes the behavior. Thank you.

Isn’t “stable” rolled out OTA for Fairphone 5 bought through the eOS Store? :thinking:

I am on 1.16 on my new FP5, with nothing found when I refresh the Updater in settings.

@Manoj Is FP5 not getting OTA updates, even though it is new and an officially supported phone?

The FP5 install guide is under review. Have asked the team to speed up the release of the guide. The device will get OTA updates ASAP. Please note Fairphones given the large user base we have, all issues are always considered as high priority and treated with a sense of urgency.


normal OTA not, but if you follow this doc, you can install updates OTA from here.

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Just wanted to confirm that this has been fixed for me after updating to 1.17 via OTA, as I was having the exact same problem in 1.16.


Got the update and the camera works now :blush:

@ThomasS Cool! I will keep that in mind :+1:

The FP5 install guide was published this week.

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